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if you’re here watching this now thenthe odds are good that you know the power that a rightfully SEO optimized orsearch engine optimized website can have on your business but you too may haveheard that it’s complicated genuinely technological and somewhat of a dark artwhich is why in this video I’m breaking down the exact six pace approach we useinside the agency to consistently graded number 1 on Google and you can getstarted with this today even if you’re a brand new beginner alright let’s get toit hey there my specify is Adam Earhart modernmarketing strategist and welcome to the modern marketing show where we help yougenerate more causes customers and sales for your business by making way bettermarketing so if you’re interested in study the most recent and greatestmarketing strategies tools tips-off tricks and tactics well you may want toconsider subscribing and thumping that notification bell all right let’s talksearch engine optimization or SEO for short-lived now it’s no secret that I believeSEO is an integral part of a small businesses marketing strategy and itholds a special place in my mind seeing as this one strategy alone helped megrow my first six-figure agency but knowing SEO is important and knowing howto actually go out there and implement and perform on it or two completelydifferent things which is why in this video I’m going tobe breaking down the exact six pace programme we use inside the agency so youcan follow these steps and consistently rank your website or your clientswebsites on the first sheet of Google now full disclosure this video is sponsoredby sa ranking which is the tool we use inside the agency and I’m going to bereferencing it multiple times throughout the video as it represents a key part of ouroverall SEO strategy it’s a great implement it’s used by over 300,000 people and has3 5 different SEO implements been incorporated in it so it’s perfect whether you’re a brand newbeginner and exactly getting started with SEO or if you run multiple clientaccounts in an SEO agency just like ours plus if you’re interested in trying outthe software I’ll make sure to include a connect in the specific characteristics below whichwill give you access to a free trouble so you can try it out for yourself alrightnow let’s get to it when it comes to creating an effective SEO strategy youreally need to break it down into six different steps this is because wellsome things are definitely most important than others there’s no onesingle side when it comes to SEO that automatically unlocks that first page ora number-one ranking position very it’s the strategic combining of theseries of steps that really goes you there so the first step in our six stepsstrategic SEO sequence which various kinds of a mouthful hole the first stepis keyword research it’s here that you really want to start diving into thekeywords that you want your website to grade for it’s really important to dosome truly detailed investigate here because if you try to rank for all sortsof different utterances that nobody’s using and nobody’s sought for well your SEOefforts are going to be totally useless the flip side of that of course is ifyou try to rank for the most competitive keywords possible well the curious of youranking for them right off the at-bat are also slim to noneso you’ve got to find a balance of keywords that you can actually grade foras well as ones that people are actually searching for this is why one of thefirst places that I proceed when I’m looking for brand new keywords is se rankingskeyword suggestion tool all right so let’s use a fictional illustration here andsay that we’ve got a coffee shop in Los Angeles that we want to start rankinghigher for well the first thing I do is head over to the keyword suggestionstool and start finding out what kind of keywords I should be trying to rank forin this case what I want to do is probably form in something like coffeeshops and assure what happens when I reached the search all right and asyou can see what’s happening here is I’m getting really a ton of different datathat I can use to start researching into and verifying which one is going to be mostbeneficial to me with my la coffee shop so for example I can see that we’ve gotsome same keywords including coffee shops near me coffee shop coffee shopsdonut shop coffee starting a coffee shop start a coffee shop some of these aregoing to be relevant such as coffee shops near me and coffee shop andothers are going to be completely irrelevant like starting a coffee shopand start a coffee shop which would be great if I was projecting on teachingpeople how to start one but because I’m trying to generate more traffic for mycoffee shop this one’s not really gonna pan outnow the next tab that I really like to dig into is the longtail keywordsbecause as we just discussed it’s one thing to try to rank for texts thatpeople are actually employing but it’s another alone if we’re trying to rankfor terms that people are using that are just previously hyper saturated andincredibly competitive so as we scroll down the longtail keywords we can seethat because I didn’t set coffee shops in Los Angeles it’s gonna sacrifice us allsorts of different ideas but we can use this laterfor example we’d want to use coffee shops in Los Angeles Los Angeles coffeeshop urban coffee shop coffee shop Los Angeles again probably perhaps coffee shopLos Angeles California and so on so the first thing I want to do is head over togoogle and kind in one of the keywords that I found that I think is mostrelevant in this case we’re gonna use coffeeshops Los Angeles and we’re gonna ensure what papas up now we’ve got a goodexample right here in the Google Maps so we’ll click over there and pull up theirwebsite so that we can start diving into what keywords they’re using in order toget these ranks once I have their URL I principal back over to sa rank and Iplug the URL into the competitor tracking which is going to give me allsorts of various types of items in such cases this is the information that I get backI can see their organic keywords I can see traffic costs I can see theirestimated traffic and I can see the keywords that they’re ranking for inthis case teas teas tea pot alfred coffeeAlfred tea which patently we’re not going to necessarily try to rank forbecause this is their keyword and brand name but all of these other ones aregoing to be just as relevant for us in order to put on our websites and startcreating strategic content around alright now that we’ve got a decentfoundation of keywords that we want to be ranking for the next step is to moveon to gradation 2 which is on site optimization now the first part ofproper on site optimization is to take advantage of many of the tools thatGoogle gives you including Google Analytics and the Google search consolewhich is gonna give you a ton of data on your website where people are going howthey’re getting there what pages they’re calling how long they’re spending onyour site and so on also if your business happen to be regional well youwant to make sure that you’re registering for a Google Maps locationwhich is going to give you even more opportunities to rank on that first pagefrom there it’s kind of techie nonsense like a robot’s file an XML sitemap anSSL certificate if you can and make sure your site’s secure and making sure thatthe URLs you use have delightful concise and precise refers rather than weird funnylong or completely irrelevant URLs that are going to do any good things for yourSEO rankings once that’s done it’s a combination of improving and tying anybroken connects improving page load hurrying it is therefore loads faster when someone visitsyou and a few more other advanced strategies to make sure your website’srunning in tip-top shape this is why I’m such a big fan of running frequentwebsite audits with se ranking as it assess all key constants of websitehealth parameters per page meta labels headings image optimization linkanalysis usability and so on not only that but I can also download or send aPDF report with all the necessary data to my squad or directly to my clients ifthey’re in to seeing that kind of technological andanalysis now this part shouldn’t give us too long but it is incredibly importantyou check ever since 2015 when Google actually came out and said that mobilefriendly and mobile optimized websites are getting priority well it’s becomeeven more important to make sure that your website is portable optimized thismeans that the user experience is designed or at least accommodates amobile machine as well or preferably better than it would on a desktopespecially as more and more beings are consuming material from their mobiledevices all right so once that part’s done it’s time to move on to step fourwhich is to develop a content approach now fortunately because you’ve done yourkeyword experiment because you’ve done your competitor analysis and you knowwhat keywords you want to rank for and what sheets of your adversaries areranking well you’re gonna have the hierarchy and various kinds of a framework for areally solid material policy that you can go out there and start building ononce you’ve decided on what kind of content you’re gonna want to build onyour website you really want to focus on ensuring that it’s formatted correctlywith proper claims proper headings and proper keywords dispersed throughout thebody copy as a little of a bonus gratuity if you can add a blog to your website that’seven better because it’ll give you an excuse to continually update new andfresh and relevant content ensuring that you’re always new informationto the search engines alright and that pass us nicely to step 5 off-siteoptimization you see now that you’ve got your website in tip-top shape it’s timeto move offsite and ensure that the links coming into your website areproviding the right and relevant quality and part that you need to boost yourrankings you encounter a key factor when it comes to improving your search enginerankings as you’ve probably already heard is not only the part but moreimportantly now the quality of the links being directed to your website this iseasily one of the most important factors because what it is is its externalvalidation that your website is worthy and related and valuable and deservesone of those coveted top outlooks “hes also” where I’m such a big fan of serankings backlink checker as all I need to do is put in any website URL at alland it’ll generate a report showing me all of the links that it has includingthe domain Trust which makes basically how valuable that tie-up is as well aswhere that connect came from so I can go out there and decide if I want to try toacquire this link to point at my place which can only help to boost my rankingsas well you see this part is huge because it eliminates the guessing oftrying to sort of simply figure out what links are actually pointing to yourcompetitors so you can generate the same ones and mostly tells you exactlywhat you need to do so you’ve got a confirm roadmap and a blueprint to followto go out there and get the exact same various kinds of relates now one important thingthat I actually have to mention here when it comes to link building for yourwebsite is that quality is significantly more important than quantity yes you doneed a sufficient number of Link’s objected at your place but they’ve got tobe from genuinely secure and trustworthy roots otherwise you’re well on yourway to tanking your grade oh I like the sound of that which could potentiallywipe your place right off the search engines so abide safe out there all rightand the sixth gradation when it comes to developing a solid SEO strategy is tosupplement it with an adequate social media strategy as well you see asidefrom all the self-evident rationalizations that you’d want a social media strategy likeincreasing label awareness and driving more traffic well by deploying this aspart of your SEO strategy it’s only going to further help increase yourrankings the reason this is so effective is because by using social media toessentially increase traffic and increase date and increase the waythat people are interacting and employing with your website well all of thesethings are indicators to the search engines that your website is relevantand valuable and worth undertake with which will simply help to move you furtherup the search higher-rankings the key with an efficient social media content strategyis to make sure that your material is relevant and valuable and share-worthybecause at the end of the day it’s the participation metrics and the issue of trafficking thatgets driven back to your area that’s really going to help move the needle allright so the next thing you’re gonna want to do is make sure to check out thelink below which is going to give you access to that free inquiry of se rankingso you can try it out in your own business also make sure to link up acouple more videos right here for you to check out next which are going to helpto take your SEO game even further so make sure to check them out now and I’llcatch you next time on the modern market display

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