SEO in 2020 – What Will and Won’t Work (Watch Before Providing)


Webmasters often ask me, “What works? What doesn’t work? We don’t know because SEO is a long game.” You need to promote your website, a lot ofmonths, sometimes it makes years and you don’t want to squander your time because you can getback your time. You can get back your coin and other resources, but term is exclusively one rich that you can’t lose. That’s why I decided to shoot this video andlead you to the right direction, because I see this problem all the time when peoplewaste a few years trying to promote their website and they neglect, because they use whatdoesn’t work anymore.SEO doesn’t stay in one place. Google alters their algorithm all the time. Google provisions over 3000 reforms every year. That makes it’s a lot. Consider my recommendations that I providein this video. Watched this video until the end, and you’llknow exactly where you need to go and how you need to promote your website. Stay carolled. The best part is coming. What’s up, chaps! Anatolii is here. Before watching this video, don’t forget tosubscribe to my channel and like this video because I develop this video for you in orderto help you and flourish your label or your business, your website or anything else, and click thenotification click to know about new videos on this channel.Okay, I want to start from my first tip-off. It’s keep forgetting about Black Hat Techniquesor any other spamming programmes. Google has a big team that checks out manywebsites, and Google knows about all this Black Hat Techniques, they can check manyspam procedures because of their resources. And what you need to do is to avoid any blackmethods. If you don’t know what does it convey, for example, one of the Black Hat Techniques is to buy relates. For sample, if you type on Google’ buy backlinks ‘, you’ll is a lot of resources that provide this busines, buy backlinks or for examplepbn. If you go to Google and type’ pbn buy'( Privateblog Network ). Google has resources to check it out. Even if anything handiworks, it doesn’t mean itwill work all the time. It’s a touchy recreation. If you buy ties-in or private blog networksor network 2.0 or something like this, you might promote your website.I’m not sure that it’s possible because ifyou check out my brand-new studies, or Black Hat forum, or Reddit threads, you can find thatpeople don’t get results with these techniques. But if someone sells them, it intends becausesome webmasters buy it. They want to find some simple channel becauseWhite Hat SEO is more difficult and tough and it takes a lot of meter. But Black Hat SEO doesn’t help even in theshort feed and it might hurt in the future. I strongly recommend to avoid any Black HatTechniques. It’s better to do little associates, but high-qualityand relevant relates. Yep, just like this.And my second tip-off is to not sell and providevalue. I see when webmasters create a lot of e-commercecontent and they try to sell, but you can’t get backlinks to this content. You can’t get traffic because 56% of all trafficcome to blog post. That’s why you should have a blog as I do. You can check out my commodities. I usually offer cost. I don’t try to sell anything. Yep, precisely opening your blog and specify morevaluable material because it envelops all the stages of sales move and it helps to sellyour products and go ahead.Think more about furnishing price to get morefollowers and trust. And when you get enough authority, yeah, youcan provide e-commerce content as I do. For example, if you click on’ My Business ‘, you can get what type of service I have on my website. And you can even launch your implements. I have my directory of implements, where I ply alot of free implements that helps to optimize your marketing expeditions. And yep, it doesn’t expense a good deal. If you go to Upwork, you can find some freelancersthat create tools for $50, for a few hundred dollars, and you can create high-quality tools. I love tools if you are share your toolsand if then there valuable, people come to your website to use them and to consider in theirjob. And really recollect about many other implements, for example, weight loss calculator or anything else. Just find some implements that helps in your counseling. And my next gratuity is to forget about SEO. Think about humen. It’s a big problem when webmasters pay a lotof attention with SEO trying to optimize their websites with technical problems. On my listing of tools, you can find some toolsthat help with this.For illustration, if you click’ Site Speed& Tech ‘, you will find some great implements. I personally like Search Console and PageSpeedInsights, because it doesn’t expense any fund, it’s free. And what you need to do is to forget aboutSEO, about all these implements, initiate material for a human and provide some valuable content. 76% of users prefer to have experience withsimple websites organize, simple motif. That’s why if you open my website, you cansee that nothing difficult , good-for-nothing tough here, it’s simple to use, and yep, just provideall the information requirements for your website. And you see that I have sheet’ About Me ‘, it’sessential to have this sheet because it helps to increase the level of trust. And you can see that I use a great deal of my photosand I share my story. I use my photos everywhere on my website becauseit helps to increase the level of trust.And exactly create a simple design, create awebsite for a human and forget about SEO. When you think that you require everything, you can’t improve what you have, after this, use SEO to check out technological optimizationand optimize as peak as possible without losing consumer know-how. I see when webmasters try to get 100 scoreby exploiting PageSpeed Insights, but they lose user knowledge. Google offer more attention to how your websitehelps human. And Google was created for a human, to helpthem to find what they want to get. That’s why it’s better to create content fora human, and after this, optimize for search engine without losing a human. Okay, and the next aspect and what you needto do is to consider user intent.When you create a brand-new material, I see whenpeople cause content that they want to share, but visitors and users want to get to anothertype of content. Just type your keyword on Google and checkout what content in the top 10. And you be understood that I use keyword ‘website publicity ‘, and you can find tips on how to promote your website, how to promote your website, listof top 13 free website advertisement ideas.And you understand the people want to get contentwith the question’ how to’ or’ register of policy recommendations ‘. Yep, it’s essential to analyze useds’ intentbefore stipulate any material. I see when webmasters create a lot of e-commercecontent trying to rank them and they don’t know why they can’t get results. Because you don’t consider consumer purport. Think about consumers firstly, and only after this, ponder how you can sell them. Okay, and my last tip-off is to create contentwhere the competitor is low. I generally use Ahrefs. You can use SEMrush or Moz.Checkout the level of competition and don’ttry to outrank big-hearted websites. I usually generate content where in the top1 0, a good deal of pages without backlinks or have fewer backlinks. That symbolizes it’s a big chance to outrank them. I don’t need to outrank a great deal of backlinksbecause, for example, if you tried to outrank Moz with the keyword ‘SEO’– You know, onlyone page of Moz has over 10,000 backlinks. You can outrank them, even if you create muchbetter content. That’s why choose topics with low level ofcompetition by analyzing with tools; Ahrefs, Moz, or anything else. Okay guys, that’s it for today. Ask me any questions in the comments section. I will reply to all of them. Is committed to my direct. Click the notification click. And see you next time. Cheers ..

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