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SEO Tutorials for Beginners| What is SEO? | #1

Can I get found on the first page of Google this is generally the first question we get by just about anyone who rings us now if you want to be found on the first page of Google the first question as well what you want to get found what

I mean by that is let’s say you’re a plumber in Auckland sometimes we have people ring out and say well if I type in the word plumber I want to get found on the first page of Google well that’s not really very read it very realistic now the trouble is being found on the first page of Google just by typing in the word plumber it’s not very realistic. 

it’s going to be difficult to do and it’s not really going to help you too much if you’re a plumber in Auckland and you do actually go to the chapel so that after doing all your SEO you get found on the first page of Google just using the word plumber then it probably means you can attract people from Auckland and Wellington and just about everywhere as well as people from Christchurch so basically you have an awful lot people bring you up you’re wasting their time you’re wasting your time so when you start doing SEO the first thing you want to do is think local now we’re a training company we do SEO training and we’re based in Jun lab which is just north of Auckland.


So let’s bring up Google as I say when SEO company we provide training and we’re internal up so if we do a search for SEO training June up which is probably what our local customers or searches for us let’s we’ll look see what we get these first items up here one two three the first three those are what are called pay for displays they’re paid for adverts as are the ones down the side 

here so basically if you want to be displayed up here that’s nothing to do with SEO that’s just simply to do it paying lots of money to Google SEO is all about getting your website found ideally on the first page of Google so here we are in Google this is life we typed in SEO training Journal app well do the base and that’s what we do and we scroll up to see who’s first there’s a little picture of me and that’s our website SEO training com2 II I was sorry for SEO training com2 hey you and we’re actually first and second and third so we’ve actually bagged the first three spots I think that answers the question is it possible it is possible and the worst thing is there are actually quite a few SEO companies in Joomla. 

as you can see with versed for that particular phrase and the worst thing about our business is by definition all of our competitors are SEO companies they know all about SEO or they certainly should do anyway and as you can see we’ve beaten them there so when you start doing SEO you should think local first so I think suburb first and then broaden it out maybe to a city so if you change the word June up to Auckland and do a search on that so we’re now searching for SEO training Auckland there we are we’re still listed first which is kind of nice so if I click on that website there up comes our website and as you can see that that’s our website. 

I click on the back button here there are one-two other things you can see there as well as coming up first you want to come up with something that basically will attract visitors and as you can see a nice little trick I’ve used here is to get my picture displayed such a picture of me and as you can see this person has also got a picture and these other people have got pictures as well basically when you’re designing your SEO you really want to think of a number of different things it’s all very well being found on the first page but if you’re on the first page that means you probably one often and you want to make sure that your listing gets clicked on rather than your competitors. 

so it’s all these little tricks that you can use you know you basically want a nice clean title there a nice clean description and ideally have a little picture there as well that’s the sort of thing we do on there are advanced training courses we show you how to do things that which is actually much much easier than you might think I spell like having a classified ad in the paper if you have a classified ad with no picture it’s one thing if you want a picture that generally cost you more the great thing about having a little picture displayed here it’s totally free doesn’t cost you anything you just have to know how to do it and if you’ve got five items that someone’s looking at one to a little picture and that’s yours chances are they’ll click on it the other thing is that quite often you might want to have different phrases being searched for so, for instance, we do SEO training DVDs of our typing SEO training DVD notice this time I haven’t typed in Auckland. 

I haven’t typed in June up so this should work anywhere in New Zealand so I type in SEO training DVD again the first couple here they pay lots of money to go there and this one here if you notice the web address it’s for SEO training com2 au which is one of our websites so that kind of answers the question it is more than possible to get on the first page it’s more than possible to get the top of the first page there are no guarantees no one can guarantee that if you ask Google themselves they do set of guidelines about SEO. 

and they basically say no one can make a guarantee about getting onto the first page so if you’re talking to an SEO company and they make all sorts of wild and woolly guarantees like this that and the other including guaranteeing your the first-page positioning listen what Google says no one can guarantee that because Google changes the rules they change the way things work on a daily basis and as a no one can make that guarantee 

so don’t be too impressed by these are various guarantees that are out there in the SEO world the other thing with SEO is that as you will hopefully see by the end of this course the best person to do SEO is you because SEO is not difficult SEO is not technical you don’t have to be a programmer you don’t have to be a web designer basically what you do need is good solid up-to-date information that’s good technically in some case you’d understand exactly how allocated don’t worry just use our advice that will work and as you’ve seen there the proofs in the pudding and remember all of our competitors at least should know what they’re doing so we’re in the worst possible field for SEO because by definition all of our competitors are 

SEO companies if on the other hand, you’ve got say a plumbing business or a glazing business or you’re an accountant or whatever happens to be in your case the people who run your competition bit of your competitive businesses they weren’t necessarily experts and the idea is that you need to know the basics of SEO and then start building on that with some clever stuff again which is not difficult not technical it’s just being a bit clever and as you’ll see most SEO techniques are really common sense then of those we will say to people you should learn how to think like a search engine if you look at a website from Google’s point of view and try 

and think of the things that Google are looking for and if you give Google what it’s looking for then the chances are you’ll make Google happy and you’ll rise up in search engine positions it’s as simple as that the other thing about SEO is a lot of people out there will claim that if you use their particular service they will get you probably onto the first page in this time next week again patent nonsense for good SEO – to work you 

should be thinking timescales of weeks not days possibly months but if you do the groundwork it will work but so there are no guarantees it’s up to you to implement the knowledge that we can give you what other companies can give you at the end of the day do the work be methodical take it slow and you will see an improvement in search engine position but as for page one positioning no one can guarantee that also don’t get too obsessed with 

page one positioning it’s nice to have but even if you’re on page two you can I get business if you get from page two to page one you’ll see a sudden increase in business in most cases and certainly if you’re in the top three that’s where you really want to be that’s we really get the benefit of SEO so what will you learn on this course well basically this course is a short 

course it’s designed as an introduction to concepts more than anything else it’s redesigned to show you what can be done with SEO there’s an awful lot of claims out there which are patent nonsense if you try doing a search on something like YouTube you’ll find lots and lots of videos about how to do SEO most of these are out of date I mean some of them five six seven 

years old and SEO is a moving target so you need up-to-date information that’s the first thing you also need correct information as opposed to just someone’s opinion on YouTube and you’ll find there are lots and lots and lots of videos on YouTube which if you know in detail about how SEO works which is not a secret you can find this out it’s just painted net careful research but if you look at some of the videos out there they’re just plain wrong so, for instance, you’ll find numerous videos on YouTube that will tell you that something called meta keyword tags is really important for 

Google well Google stopped using those years ago they were important maybe ten years ago five years ago but these days Google completely ignores that particular option so as I say you need up-to-date information and you need good information that’s reliable and the other thing is with SEO S or C in as well there’s basically two types says what’s called white 

The hat which is good SEO sort of SEO that Google pros off and there’s black cap SEO which is basically using crafty underhand tricks which Google really doesn’t like it’s trying to trick Google and if you start trying to trick Google it’s getting smarter by the day it will find you out and you will get banned I mean huge big companies like BMW they have been banned in the past for 

using tricks that Google disapproved of only recently into Florida the UK branch got banned completely from the UK index so even if you typed in the word Interflora you couldn’t find it by the time you’re watching this video that might have been fixed but certainly at the time of writing as I say you type in to Flora itself in the UK version of go and that just not displayed let alone searching for things like flower delivery and stuff like that so as I 

say we weren’t a necessary thing really the idea of this course is to show you the sort of things you should be thinking of the sort of things you can do is sort of things you can’t do and the sort of things you should be aiming for over the sort of weeks of months to slowly improve your website presence as the old saying goes knowledge is power so basically once you understand some of the basic principles or how search engines work then 

you can start making improvements to lots of different aspects of your website now another thing it’s important to realise is that there’s no magic bullet for SEO there’s no one thing you can suddenly fix and tomorrow you get me on the first page doesn’t work like that the way Google ranks web pages is that basically it looks at one web page against another and when someone types in a search for a particular phrase like say plumbers in Auckland then basically it has a whole lot of pages it knows about and interests in response to that particular phrase it’s got to rank one of those first and search engine results and somebody comes lost in the search engine results and there’s lots and lots and lots of different factors so they could easily be say 200 different factors that good or take into account and that’s important for us for one thing the other thing to realize is that not all of those factors have an equal weight so for instance take an obvious example quite often we have people saying to us hey we’ve got maybe a 

mobile hairdressing company based in say Jun lamp and we can’t be found you know just can’t be found in Google then we’ll go look at their website even the words Jun Lepore Auckland or hairdressing is not actually displayed on the home page or maybe not if some of the other pages either so again that’s a very very simple example where basically the important words are important to you and to your website make sure you actually use them in the text of your website there’s obviously lots of other tricks but 

that’s a really basic one and it sounds kind of obvious but we see this one over and over again you know people say we’ve got some again maybe a plumbing birth of a plumbing company in say Woodside and they might use the word plumbing but not a website so again obvious points most of these but will you’ve got to really think about your website stand back to look at it from Google’s point of view and say well that google would understand 

what this page is about does would Google knows pages about plumbing it’s in this particular suburb it’s in this particular state it’s this particular speciality so for instance if you’re a gas plumber you would use the phrases gas plumber or gas plumbing within your website and within all the varicella place you can also hide your keywords so really the idea is that the the end of this course which is as HS a brief introduction you’ll have some ideas of what needs to be done and then you can decide how you’re going to implement those ideas and basically it’s up to you mean the two basic choices are you pay someone else to do it or you do it yourself paying someone else to do it is it’s good providing that what they’re doing and unfortunately is no flow sharks are there who advertise themselves as SEO companies but quite honestly knows little or nothing about SEO seem because just judging by results and the other way of doing it is do it yourself that might sound frightening but you don’t need technical knowledge for SEO at the end of it your company’s your website the best 

person to the SEO is always you because you can always keep it on track you can adapt it over time so for instance over a period of time you might go and say one emphasis to another for instance with our company we do SEO consultancy we also do SEO training and SEO training is the main part of our business now so we basically change the emphasis over time 

we still do consultancy looking for details on our website but training is really what we concentrate in now that’s really what people want to do because increasingly people are realizing that they can do their own SEO that least are thinking about doing their own SEO now the first question is what is SEO search engine optimization well at the end of the day SEO is really about just getting your website found as easily as possible within 

search engines the search engines include things like Google Bing Yahoo and throughout others but those we have the main ones of both finally the most important one is Google so if you got yourself finding you know got your website being found well in Google chances are we found out in the other ones as well because they will use a sort of similar techniques to rate web pages now at the end of the days we’ll see in a while there are two types of SEO this what’s called on-site SEO which basically changes you 

make on your website and there’s off-site SEO which is basically everything else everything else includes things like links so as we’ll see links from other websites to your website one way links are important and quality one way links from a well-respected site to your site that is a sort of link you want to attract so that’s really what off-site SEO is all about the other areas code by off-site SEO are things like social media so things like Facebook and Twitter and YouTube and things like that LinkedIn Pinterest there’s a whole load of these so-called social media sites and these days I would say it’s getting yourself found well in Google is probably 50% on site 50% off site SEO you need to do both you might find that if you’ve got two fairly obscure subject just a little bit on site SEO might do the trick you might suddenly find yourself on first page but if you’re in a competitive area like for instance chiropractors and there’s an awful lot of chiropractors around so in Auckland I’ve got an idea I’m nearby but there seem to be an awful lot so if you’re a chiropractor Auckland and you’ve got one particular practice 

private practice and if you want to get onto the first page that is very competitive so you have to a lot of work to do that it’s still doing it just means you can have to a lot more work than say coming on the first page for maybe a fish and chip shop in a particular suburb I mean you can have very little competition in that case so as I say that’s really what search engine optimization is all about it’s about optimizing one way or another your particular webpages so they come as high as possible in search engine results when people search for your product or service now take 

SEO seriously don’t dabble basically there’s an awful lot of people we come across people ring at something so I’ve done a little bit of SEO or I bought in some links a while back to try and improve my SEO and big surprise we’re still having found well at the end of the day if you’re going to do SEO take it seriously it’s not difficult even if you outsource it shouldn’t be too expensive and at the end of the day I mean if you pay for money to go in something like this good old Yellow Pages if you want a line edge ad in 

there fine but you know if you want to get one of these big display ads I have no idea what they charge perhaps, in fact, people tell me they spend an awful lot of money on the other pages icon actually remember the last time I actually looked at Yellow Pages I also can’t remember the last time I looked up a business in Yellow Pages and that’s increasingly common these days for some businesses it works which case fine and stick with it but for a lot of businesses now the first port of call is Google they just 

Google something they want to find it and if they find you you get the business it’s as simple as that and I just have no idea what it costs to advertise the other pages but I’m guessing it’s certainly not that cheap if you’re advertising yourself you probably know the cost yourselves it’s a great thing about websites is websites are incredibly cheap you know the hosting of a website is it’s minimal you know you have a good web hosting site is for under 100 bucks a year you can get your domain name for about 10 bucks a year and then after that if you promote it right it’s kind of free so why would you want a two-page ad or one-page ad in Yellow Pages hopefully the cost there is just no comparison obviously as I said it does change from one business to another business depends what you’re advertising you know the particulars an older market and chances are yes 

they’ll use the other pages but certainly a younger market I mean they don’t even use computers these days they devil they search on the mobile phones that’s the sort of market you’ve got to chase because increasingly that’s important now anyone can do SEO you don’t have to be technical that’s the really nice thing about SEO with SEO what you do need is good up-to-date real advice as opposed to someone’s opinion or some nonsense you can find on YouTube looking at out to date videos or again if you just 

Search in google for how to do SEO there are a whole load of you know free this that in the others most of which are just trying to get you to view their pages so that you might click on one of the adverts on there and people when the websites make some money from you clicking on the adverts these sort of advert driven sites loads and loads of those sort of low-quality sites there are a couple of decent SEO sites which basically run by larger companies and you can get good advice from them but again it generally involves signing up parting money for the really good information 

so I say the good news is that anyone can do SEO you don’t have to do a program you don’t need the technical knowledge you don’t need to be a web designer what you do need to do is you have to commit to learning a little bit of basic information which is not difficult it’s not technical and then you have to commit to applying it again in the past I have run SEO courses and 

I generally find the fact when I’m running SEO courses it’s people who are running their own businesses they’re the ones who make the best out of the courses that we run because they actually go away and apply it quite a few times I’ve done SEO courses for corporates and it’s amazing how often people come along to sit in the course leave at five o’clock whatever it is go away early no change to the website whatsoever enable welcome party did they bother maybe it’s just a day out I don’t know but the good news is that 

when it comes to SEO search engine optimization if your competitors are big companies and you’re a small company providing you commit to doing the work you’re in a better position than they are because you don’t need to have a meeting about doing something on the website you can just go and do it which means you can react fast new things and new ideas come out you can implement those it also means that you can keep making regular 

changes to your website basically as I say giving Google things that it likes and you just keep going and because it’s your business if you keep going eventually your finds position is just rising up and up and up and eventually if you’re not on the first page at the moment you will be all things being equal obviously as I say it does depend on your business if you’ve got a very very competitive business and if you up against a whole load of 

other companies who are also up to date on their SEO and do themselves probably you’re going to find that more difficult but as you saw in an earlier section with an SEO company yeah we run an SEO company we do an SEO we run an SEO training company and as you say we’re just a tiny little company we’re not some big corporate I mean basically the three of us that’s it and you know small is good as far as the Internet is concerned 

because small means you can react easily and if things are not quite right you go and change them you don’t have to have a meeting about changing them at some point the future that’s really my point so small is good SEO and the return on investment as I’ve already indicated you know if your idea of marketing is to spend heaps of money and give it to yellow pages well in 

some businesses that works for a lot of businesses now people I talk to they say well hey we’re oh it was renewal time for Yellow Pages and we thought no we’re not doing any more and we want to see about promoting our website instead well the great thing is there’s very little comparison in the costs between the big advert and Yellow Pages and doing SEO especially if you’re going to do it yourself it is that easy to do it yourself you’ve got the right knowledge you know if you compare the cost of a website and your SEO activities with advertising on the radio on the TV or newspapers again there’s no real comparison and the great thing is that with a website is out there 24/7 every single day of the week it’s out of the 

The year it’s out there it’s basically advertising your product service your customers come to you you don’t have to go and get them so again that’s good because if you’re looking for customers they’re coming to you in the first place chances are they’re interested you just got to make sure that you’ve got exactly the product or service or the price that they want so again it’s very much a nice situation you’re in with website because you are 

attracting customers who already are interested in the very fact they found your website by searching on it so so you just got to make sure your website looks better than your competitors and after that all things being equal it comes down to the usual things like prices terms deals all the rest of it but the important point is getting access to that business in the first place at the end of the day if you’ve got important keyword phrase you’d 

like to get found on and you type that into Google on you on page six you might as well just not be there if you’re not in the first two pages you know best it’s no point in having a website, to be honest obviously that does change it for some people because in some cases they might have a business card and the business card might have the web address on there so a lot of people use the website purely as a kind of online brochure if you 

like what we’re talking about in this course is using the website to attract new customers you know if people know your web address chances are they’ll type it in if you were for Microsoft for instance they don’t have to think about that they just type in you’ve got a website like Joe’s glazing business com people don’t just can type that in 

on the off chance they’ve got to find you by the search engines or possibly read and dress on a business card but as I say that just shows you that you can use things like business cards and that had you know paving the rest obviously to point people to your website and again I’ll get you more visitors now what is possible and what is not possible SEO well it’s important to realize that there are limitations to SEO you can’t for instance just do a whole load of changes your website expect to be found on your chosen keyword phrases this time next week the first thing is good SEO takes time 

good SEO takes effort so you’ve got to make in some cases fundamental changes to the way your website is displayed to what’s contained on your website to how it’s structured you’ve got to think about things actually that the main thing you can’t just simply go off throw somebody the problem at how it’s going to be fixed you can try third party SEO companies to do the work for you but I’ve said there are some good ones an awful lot of bad ones so if you can do that be very very careful how you do it do you 

research properly it definitely questions to buyer beware the SEO wells the other thing is if you do the careful SEO and you do your search properly and you take your time then you will find potentially the benefits are incredible but as I say you shouldn’t expect instant results the other thing that you shouldn’t expect is as was previously mentioned you should be realistic about people I can search for the people as a safe and searching for a plumbing company in person I just can type the word plumbing 

plumbers they’re going to put some qualifying words in like plumbing June luck plumbing Ocean Reef plumbing Auckland whatever happens to be so those are the sort of things you should think about that is possible just trying to get found to where plumbers it is possible theoretically but it can be very difficult and also you don’t really want to do it’s a waste of effort 

now off-site SEO is basically everything else everything is off your website so to say primarily it’s about links and social media and these days it’s the quality of the links that matter not the number of links that matter and it’s important to realize that there are lots and lots of things you can do to increase your SEO but there’s also things you can do that can harm your SEO and having links from bad areas or bad neighbourhoods as they’re called they can actually harm your website these days so if you’d respond it in the past or some sort of spammy email offer you maybe a thousand links to your website for 20 bucks or something daft like that a lot of people fall for this because they just don’t know any better if you’ve done that in the past you might find you do actually have a thousand links to your website but they’re from what are called bad neighbourhoods so from websites that 

Google as marketers it’ll be dodgy and links from bad neighbourhoods they will damage the positioning of your website and search engine results now there are ways of getting around this that’s something we cover on other courses but it is important to realize this that links from dodgy websites will harm your SEO simple as that different search engines it’s important to 

realize that it’s not just Google as a whole bunch of other search engines so there’s Google being yahoo those really over top three but there are dozens of others and how do hundreds of others if you really wanted to start searching for them don’t worry about all the other what all the other ones just construct those three basically you’ve got Google being Yahoo that’s it by far away the most important one is Google gets most the traffic that’s where most of your potential business is going to come from and basically 

make sure that your website is listed on these let alone found so, for instance, you’ve probably checked out Google but make sure you check out things like Yahoo and Bing and just type in your company name or your company web address and search for those within the search engines if you can’t find them chances are you’ve Ordinaries or another the search engine doesn’t know about your particular website in which case submitted 

to the search engine and after period of time will stop being picked up and you should show up the trophy search engine is always going to be Google but do consider the other ones things like being and Yahoo and wherever you now how search engines work the first thing to us is that a search engine doesn’t magically somehow know about every single website is out there on the Internet basically the search engines each different search engine only knows about websites have been submitted to it although over time it’s found by following links from other websites so that’s the first thing so it is possible the Google for instance has never actually found your website you’ve never actually submitted it for inclusion in the Google index so if you’ve got a particular company name type that into Google CV you can be found if you can’t be found on that type your actual web address in you know the WWJ into the search and see we can be certain found found on that particular search if you can’t that means that Google for one reason other doesn’t know about you in which case you need to submit your 

particular website to the search engine now it’s important to realize that Google has these things called robots or crawlers and little bits of software what they do is they go off off off on their own and search the internet and they follow links from one place to another so they follow links from one site to another site once they’ve got to a site they follow links within site from one page to another so the basically over time if Google 

has found your particular website it will start understanding about all different pages within your website robot spiders and crawlers if you never heard of these things don’t worry about them but basically what it means is that Google has automated software it sends out two basic crawls the Internet and what happens is these spiders robots crawlers their different ways the same thing basically they’re little bits of software that basically go out and find a website then they examine all the links on that website and it 

finds a link to another website it goes off and explores that website as well so basically over time Google will find most of the internet sites that are out there the ones that are linked to from other web sites this is why having other websites linking to you is really important because once Google finds that it’s found a website and he’s got a link to your website and especially the first web site was one that was approved up by Google the Google light 

then basically going to get the benefit of that link so it’s just important to realize that there are these things out there they will find your website and once these spiders or caws found your website they’ll go off and periodically they’ll come back again and what Google is looking for is change Google likes change Google likes what’s called freshness which basically it’s new content so

basically if Google has indexed all your pages on your website and then goes off and then later on comes back if it finds exactly the same pages with exactly the same content or so well fair enough it’s the website’s still there but it’s not particularly interesting hasn’t changed since the last visit if on the other hand you’ve made a few changes or you added extra pages Google say oh this is more interesting this has got fresh content which what it’s looking for because Google these days is on regular basically saying it likes quality websites ones are 

up-to-date have relevant up-to-date information so the more changes the more often you make changes the better as far as Google is concerned which is why as someone who owns a website you should make it your business that every so often even was just once a month or ideally once a week or and I just don’t regular basis just make sure you have new contents when the robots come back they’ve got something else to interest them and that will be noted by Google effect there is new content there now 

organic versus paid for results organic results is really what SEO is all about organic search results are the free ones they’re the ones that listed in the main body of the search results where are the painful results listed across the top and down the side so if we bring up an example of Google here in this case you can see I’ve done a search and it’s got one to three web results at the top here now these are what I’ve called paid results they’re 

Advertising, if we did we just try doing a different search here let’s do SEO training Auckland no that’s right SEO that’s just trying CEO training right in this case what you can see, is we’ve got results at the top here and results down the side this is what you normally expect to see so basically these results here and those results they’re the people who are displayed here paid an awful lot of money – like a bidding process the way you get 

displayed here issue basically put a certain amount of money into the pot and say you’re willing to pay a certain amount of money per ad that’s displayed and Google goes away and works all this out and basically it says right in this case this particular website here is paid more than this one which is why they’re displayed above that one and this, in turn, is paid less so that kind of defines the pecking order in which these are displayed now sometimes this can be quite cheap sometimes they’re quite expensive again it depends on the business you’re in but you might find that in some cases because it’s such a competitive business you might want to try this as I say they can work out expensive but if they get results and basically if you’re making more money in the ads are costing then obviously it’s worth thinking about what I am particularly interested in is not paying for the 

Google ads up here what I like are the free adverts for to say this one and this one they pay to be there this one here that’s free the reason that’s my website the reason that my website is listed there because I did the work to get it displayed in this case at the top of the results on page one when you search for SEO training Auckland so with organic SEO you’re concentrating on getting your website at the top ideally of the organic 

search results so the great thing about these is apart from the time involved and the effort involved in getting them there they’re free I say these ones at the top these can cost an awful lot of money in some cases it depends on the business because some businesses more competitive than others but certainly things like say insurance, for instance, I’ve heard of people paying seven eight nine ten bucks just for the advert to be clicked on and the 

The trouble with these is I won’t actually do it cuz I’ve got the money but if I actually clicked on this add up here at that point that would have paid to money just my number whether they make any money ask me or not just simply if I click on that it will cost this company money so basically every time a paid advert is clicked on it costs the owner of that website money with this one here it doesn’t matter if one person or a thousand people click on it doesn’t cost me being that’s the beauty of organic search results now 

many YouTube videos that you’ll find at out-of-date it’s important to realize this a lot of people these days are realizing the need for SEO in the first port of call is trying it done as cheap as possible and the thing that goes to most people is to go to youtube search that and look for videos on how to do SEO you will find some good ones on there but the vast majority of them may have been good maybe five or six or seven years ago but now that how to date and in some case it can actually harm your search engine positioning results so do be very very careful when you start doing research on SEO you need up-to-date information you need information valid today because as I say SEO is a changing subject almost on a daily basis Google makes slight changes the way that ranks different web results one against the other so it’s important to keep up to date now Google keeps changing you got saying called Panda and Penguin which alarmed a lot of people 

recently if you’ve never heard of pang Panda and Penguin they were basically just coded names for new versions of Google came out by new versions I mean new ways in which it has displayed the search engine results because as I say whenever you type in something on the first page someone’s could be first someone’s going to be last and Google uses what’s called an algorithm which is a fancy word for mathematical formula 

and basically, it has maybe 200 different things that it takes into account when deciding who comes first who comes last and it’s a literal and daily basis these are tinkered around with by Google but these are two major ones penguin and panda they came out some time ago and this upset an 

An awful lot of website owners because a lot of website owners were happily sitting there on page 1 they’ve been on the page well for quite some time they’re done maybe a little bit of SEO Auckland and some of it maybe might have been slightly dodgy should we say and this was Google’s way of cleaning out what it regarded as slightly dodgy sites which might not have been dodgy insensibly the website owners had gone out of the way to you know break the rules or anything but possibly they might in the past have 

employed an SEO company that wasn’t exactly hearing to the rules and maybe some shortcuts being taken and basically increasingly if you try and take shortcuts with SEO Google finds out and you know you will suffer the basic point here is there are no shortcuts with SEO you need to know the basic ground rules then if you really want to go for it and make sure as sure as possible he can be on the first page you need to know all the little tricks and all the little extras so so there is a certain basic amount of SEO that anyone can do and then we’re just a little bit of knowledge you can apply some extra tricks the sort that most people won’t do so if you’ve got 90% of websites editor’s and they’re using the obvious things if you’re one of the 10% who goes beyond the obvious stands to reason you’re probably going to show better than the others so there’s a lot you can do a lot you can do yourself and you do see results but as I say the important thing is to realize that Google keeps changing and every so often it changes in a major way 

over-optimization hurts these days a lot of people have realized the need for SEO and they might have done a little bit of basic research and then gone helpful either trying to do it themselves without too much property formation about what to do so for instance if you’ve heard that if you’ve got a plumbing company in Auckland you need the words plumbing company Auckland within your website then a lot of people might go slightly overboard and repeated these sort of phrases over and over again so if you’re taking a ridiculous example that say you’re selling widgets if you 

have a phrase on your website that says hey with Auckland widget company we’ve produced the best widgets in Auckland and we produce widgets for the last 50 years and we have blue widgets green widgets yellow widgets blah blah blah you get the idea basically if you just sort of NC repeat the same thing over and over again Google is smart enough to realize that you’re trying to spam the rules here and you will be penalized for things like that so it’s very important to either you don’t over optimize your website because there are penalties of this now back in the pocket 

back in the day you could use every trick in the book and then some and you’d probably get aware of it but these days you have to be a little bit more subtle so play by the rules that Google sort of announces but Choppers Google doesn’t tell you exactly whether also they don’t always tell you when the rules change so you need to be a little bit conservative with your SEO these days and just take it slow and look for long-term 

results okay what is a web server well you don’t need to know the details about this but basically a web server is a computer it’s up there somewhere on the internet and from a company point of view what you do is you go to a company called a web hosting service and they will host your internet site for you what actually happens is your website is physically contained on the hard

disk of one of their web servers and when someone types in your ulr as it’s called your web address would actually get seen by your visitors your website if the details that are actually stored on their hard disks which run the web servers so you don’t need to wait too much about this but you just need to know really what a web server is it’s basically essentially renting some space on a hard disk on a computer that’s permanently connected to 

the Internet you can actually have your own web host as their web hosting computers if you wanted to but most people wouldn’t bother that because then you have to maintain them and that is quite technical not difficult but it’s quite technical and it’s not really recommended for most companies certainly most small businesses they just use what’s called shared hosting and they just rent some web space and in most cases have cost you 100 200 bucks a year something like that and you have a nice reliable service 

does the job the index or homepage now every site has a home page and it’s Jenny called something like an index or home sometimes it might have a filename extension like HTML or PHP but the important thing to realize is this is the loading page so for instance if you want to see the Microsoft home page you type in WWI ke saath kaam just simply type it into your web browser and I’ll become the home page from Microsoft now from an 

SEO point of view you want to pay particular attention to the home page you want to make this the page that’s particularly attractive to Google and the other search engines so, for instance, things like the title and description which we’ll talk about a bit later on you really want to get those exactly right for your home page things like your headings and the taxes displayed within the actual page itself again pay particular attention to the home 

page these little items it’s a single most important page on your entire website in many ways once Google has become aware of a home page then of course it can follow the links on your home page to the other pages and it can index those as well but as I say it’s hurt the home page normally is the first page that Google will find on your website and that has to be as good as possible from Google’s point of view PageRank this is another concept that you should know about it’s not difficult it’s basically a ranking that Google gives to every single page on the the Internet and the ranking goes from 0 which is frankly awful up to 10 which is a theoretical maximum these days you never actually see a 10 because it’s one of those graphs it’s not a straight line it’s what’s called a logarithmic scale so basically it’s still going in a straight line it goes sort of like that and then gets steeper and 

steeper so even something like Microsoft and IBM and what-have-you they’re unlikely to have a 10 these days so I say 10 is a theoretical maximum number you can have and 0 is the the lowest number it is also possible to have an nao and not ranked value for this as well which is obviously not good now what I’ve loaded up here is something called Firefox you may be familiar with using the Microsoft Internet Explorer and Firefox is what’s called an alternative web browser will see more on this 

unlike a chapter but the nice thing about Firefox is you can place add-ins into this particular browser so if I type in a website like WWF or SEO training Commodore a you right once it sets itis loaded up it will tell you what the page rank is for this particular page and as you can see this particular page has a page rank of four you might think well it goes from zero to ten that’s not particularly good but remember it’s a logarithmic scale so there’s a hell of a difference between say three and four or need four and five so this is one of our websites where we go to another of our 

websites let’s just try this so this website it’s CCT global calm as you can see this one’s got a PageRank of five and as I say the order of magnitude from a four to five is enormous so basically the higher the PageRank the better now there are some SEO cabinets that all page rank doesn’t matter anymore and the reason I’ll tell you that as their page rank is probably not that great I could embarrass some of these companies by typing in their web addresses and displaying their page rank but I’ll let you do that and draw your own conclusions PageRank is important because if I bring up 

Internet Explorer here in Internet Explorer if you want to you can install what’s called the Google toolbar and if you do that that’ll all should also show the page rank that’s another way of seeing page rank and if you do that the actual patriarch number will come up and tell you this is I’m paraphrasing it something like this is Google’s view of the importance of this page so

PageRank is important and I says the higher PageRank the better so you’ll see how to install this little program or later on and you should basically go and use it on your own website and see what kind of PageRank you’ve got if your webs if your website is not showing up too well chances are it’s got PageRank of one or two or three is a low PageRank and what if your major priority should be to increase the PageRank one little aside say the thing about SEO is it’s knowing the details page rank is something that is important it’s a Google thing so 

obviously it is important from a Google perspective but the other thing to notice about PageRank is that sometimes I’ve taught people on courses and they’ve become obsessed with the PageRank and after sort of weeks of messing about they ring up sell my PageRank hasn’t increased well it probably has increased but the PageRank is only publicly updated of every couple of months by Microsoft or rather by Google and you might find that 

you’ve been doing SEO work you don’t see any visible increasing PageRank then suddenly a couple of weeks or maybe two months or three months later all of a sudden you jump up from maybe a a2 to a4 or two to a5 so as I said with PageRank it’s important to remember that the numbers as publicly released by Google that only updated every few months so pay track try and get the highest PageRank you can because that’s the good 

indication as any is what Google thinks of your peeler webpages the other thing about PageRank is the PageRank is done at a page level it’s not assigned to your website as a whole so every single page on your website will probably have a different page rank number and you want each one of those pages serve as higher patriarch number as possible right now the concept need Nova is link juice basically idea of link juice is that if you have a website that Google really likes and it’s got a high PageRank then if you 

can have a link from one of their pages to your website then the the link juice will basically flow from the other website to your website and that’s what quality links are all about is about having link juice flowing in your direction in the same way if you’ve got a website that you own and it’s got quite a nice PageRank you should be very very wary of linking to other sites unless you do it the right way because the PageRank can flow from your site do somebody else’s site there are ways of getting around this it’s called nofollow links and we cover that in later courses but it’s just one of those things you should know about that basically the reason that incoming links are important is you want basically incoming links from web sites have a high PageRank and basically you can leech off their value as far as Google is concerned the page juice flows

from their site to your site and that’s really what you want what you don’t want is to start wasting the link juice on your website and have lots of links to other people’s websites because if you’ve got a half-decent PageRank it just means they are benefiting from you as much as possible you want it so that you benefit from others not the other way around right are you paying for past mistakes as I mentioned briefly earlier on Google introduced a penalty some time ago so that if you have links from another website to your website and if

that other website is in some way has been penalized by Google then you will suffer for that so you might get away with maybe one or two even I can harm you but certainly maybe in the past if you had responded to a spammy type email offering you loads and loads of links with small amount of money then you might find you’ve got thousands and thousands of links from basically dodgy websites flowing towards you and Google basically takes of you now you shouldn’t have those sort of spammy links and if you do have lots of me

you will get penalized again there is a disavow tool that Google introduced some time ago and in more advanced courses will tell you how to use that tool it’s very straightforward to do basically just tell Google hands up sorry can you disavow these links it doesn’t mean the links will be removed it will still be displayed on offending other websites pointing towards you it just means that if you ask Google to ignore them google says pair enough will them take that message on board and will no longer count those links and the algorithms for

ranking your particular page so again it’s one of those examples where a little bit of knowledge it can be really really useful because a you have to know how many other sites of linking to you and also see that’s quite straightforward to do and then you have to be able to identify dodgy sites and see if they’re pointing you and then finally you have to know how to disavow these links and there’s three little bits of information just on their own can actually make quite a big difference in some cases the positioning of website and search engine results you



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