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hi I’m Danielle Weisberg search advocate at Google and today I’ll talk about how to use the search console sitemaps report by the end of this video you should be able to understand what a sitemap is beside whether you need one or not and learn how to submit a sitemap and road its status using search console a sitemap is a signal about which URLs you would like to go to crawl on your locate it may provide information on URLs that were recently created or modified and apply us some additional information about them Google supports four main ways for you to provide additional information you can extend a URL with idols included in it you can also increase a URL with videos included in it you can include information about alternate usages or country editions with each hreflang annotations and finally for brand-new places you can use a special variation of sitemaps to give us information about the most recent modernizes note that this information won’t necessarily be highlighted on pursuit console but you can still specify it in your sitemap but if I don’t have a sitemap with Google find all my sheets I’m glad you asked John often if you have a relatively small website and your pages are properly associated Googlebot can discover your content so you don’t need to worry about the sitemap however if your site congregates one of the following criteria a sitemap might help Google decide what and when to crawl your website if your website is really large a sitemap we’ll help Google prioritize the URLs to slither if your sheets are isolated or not well linked to each other a sitemap might help Google find those pages if your website is new or it “ve got a lot” of instantly reforming content such as a information website a sitemap we’ll cure Google discover your content please remember that using a sitemap doesn’t guarantee that all your pages will be crawled and indexed but in most cases your site will benefit from having a sitemap and there is no disadvantage for having one in addition sitemaps don’t replace regular crawling and not including URLs in the sitemap won’t result in those URLs no longer being slithered interesting I might need a sitemap but how could I organize one another great question John ideally information systems feeing your website will offset sitemap folders for you automatically for example you can find a wordpress plugin or drupal increase if you use those content management systems see the documentation from your provider as every pulpit is slightly different we recommend finding a way to automatically make sitemaps rather than composing them manually typically this will involve running code on your server so if you’re not a make you might need help from one there are limits to the number of URLs and the maximum size of a sitemap document if you are required more room you can utter numerous sitemap documents you are eligible to submit all of these sitemap records together in the form of an index sitemap register doing that determines it a little easier to track them all together in one place to learn more about sitemaps formats and guidelines check our Help Center before I go into search console please note that the sitemaps report establishes merely site planneds that you referred using investigation console it does not show any sitemaps discovered through a robots.txt cite or other finding procedures however even if we already discovered a sitemap through other means you can still submit it abusing this report in order to move missteps and alerts so let’s look at the report open search console and find the sitemaps report if you have already submitted one or more sitemaps you’ll determine the following information about each sitemap that you referred the sitemap URL the type or format of sitemap such as XML text RSS or atom the less submission time exerting the report the year it was less read by Google the crawling status such as success has mistakes couldn’t deliver and others the number of URLs discovered in sitemap you will note an icon next to each successful sitemap clicking it will extend you to the index dealt status report for the specific sitemap I’ll talk about this report in the next episode but sitemaps can also be partially read even though they have errors if your sitemap start to see success good racket if you have any errors in the status pillar clink the specific row to see more details you’ll find a complete list of corrects and what to do in each case in the search console Help Center if you want to submit a new sitemap simply “re opening the” sitemaps report and refer the URL you will need owner permission for a quality in order to submit it if you referred a sitemap but it’s not related anymore you can delete it from hunting console but know that the leting a sitemap removes it for the purposes of this report but doesn’t make google forget the sitemap or anywhere else listed on it in order for Google to forget a sitemap time remove it from your site and return a 404 after some struggles Google will give up and perfectly stop freshening the sitemap but this has nothing to do with the URLs in the sitemap if you genuinely need Google to stop visiting the URLs listed in a sitemap you will need to return a 404 or use a robots.txt principle for the URLs that you want to block this is what you would do in order for Google to stop crawling this page if your goal is to remove the URL from the Google index all together you should either use the no indicator guiding or involve HTTP authentication for consumers to see your page I hope this video helped you understand when you should use a site planned and how search console can help you in the next escapade I’ll talk about how to use search console to check which of your pages have been indexed and any problems find during that process and by the way check out the s google webmaster successions where John Miller our guest star today actually enters lots of questions submitted by the webmaster community and don’t forget to subscribe to the Google webmasters YouTube channel where we’ll be publishing lots of search console videos so stay chanted[ Music] Jr what are you doing there that’s not a sitemap

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