To ensure your website is appropriately improved, you have to survey every last bit of your website.

At MILKYWEB, we perform SEO audits so as to advance your website dependent on our discoveries. 

Everything on your website checks towards positioning on Google, so our SEO authorities think about each factor when we play out an SEO audit and improve your website. 

We improve your website for both on-page and off-page SEO on the grounds that the absolute most significant things about your website you can’t see! 


Specialised SEO Audits 

When you enrol the assistance of our SEO administrations, one of the primary things we do is play out an audit. We need to ensure we know your website all around. 

We audit your website to distinguish your backlinks, evaluate your content, measure how your website is running, and how it is as of now positioning on web search tools. 


Website Crawl 


A basic piece of a specialized SEO audit is a website slither. We utilize the best SEO programming to creep your website. This permits us to distinguish and evaluate how Google has listed your content. 

Manual Audit 

We slither your site utilizing the best SEO programming. In the wake of using programming to recognize any regions for development, we likewise do a manual audit by experiencing the entirety of your pages. By separately experiencing each page on your website, we can all the more likely see how your site functions, the content that you have, the content you are missing, and then some. 

When we play out this audit, we can peruse these pages dependent on how Google will understand them. These issues can extraordinarily affect your website’s capacity to rank, yet with our assistance, they can without much of a stretch be fixed. The hardest part is recognizing these issues. When we audit your website we don’t just distinguish these issues — we present arrangements. 

After we play out our audit, we can pinpoint what you are as of now progressing admirably and where there is an opportunity to get better. After we distinguish what necessities fixing, with your endorsement, we fix it! 

On-Page Optimization Services 


We make a point to audit the on-page (or off-site) parts of your website. On-page or off-site advancement alludes to anything on your website or in the backend of your website that might be affecting its capacity (or powerlessness) to rank. 


Content is the best, which is the reason we audit all content on your website. The truth is that each word on your website checks, and after your audit, we can furnish you with arrangements concerning how to make the most of it to your advantage. 

We audit all the content on your website, including your landing page and greeting pages. We additionally address your blog content (on the off chance that you have any), however, our blog audit is another progression altogether. When we survey your website copywriting, we take a gander at: 

Catchphrase thickness (what number occasions your watchwords show up on your website). 

Blog Audit 


When we audit each blog on your website — on the off chance that you have a blog — we think about the entirety of the above elements. What’s more, when we audit your websites, we explicitly consider: 

Meta Data 

Metadata assumes a basic job in on-page SEO. When we audit your website, we hope to check whether each page on your website has metadata — a title tag, and a meta portrayal — and in the event that it is appropriately streamlined. 

Meta Description: 

The depiction under the title that gives further setting to the title and sums up what the page is about. This will commonly have a source of inspiration and urge searchers to tap the connection. 

Metadata assists give With googling the setting of a given page. It can improve a page’s active visitor clicking percentage and is one of the most significant territories to incorporate your objective watchwords. 

We don’t re-appropriate any of our on-page streamlining endeavours as all of our title labels and meta portrayals are composed by one of our authorities in house. We compose our title labels and meta portrayals explicitly dependent on our exhaustive catchphrase research. We improve your metadata for the watchwords that have been affirmed by you by and by. 

Site Speed 

Surveying your site speed is a fundamental piece of our specialized SEO audit in light of the fact that, in the event that you have helpless burden speed, that doesn’t mean extraordinary things for how clients collaborate with your website. 

Google rewards websites that individuals like visiting. We offer site speed enhancement administrations to assist you with refreshing your site and make it load quicker for improved usefulness and rankings.

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