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SEO for your Squarespace website hi guysit’s Sam Dey here from DeyTips.com and in this video I’m giving you a tutorialon how you can perform Squarespace SEO for your Squarespace website. Now before I getinto this video I want to make a quick definition of what SEO is and SEO isquite simply how you can manipulate your website in a way that pleas tomajor search engines such as Google Yahoo and Bing so maybe you have aSquarespace.com website and you want to know how you can improve its visibilityon search engines when someone performs a query that is related to the contenton your site.So let’s say for example you are selling tennis equipment on yourwebsite you want to be showing up on Google when someone performs searchesfor tennis equipment. Now, Squarespace have a bunch of different SEO optionsfor you and there are also some things that you should be doing away fromSquarespace to help you improve your SEO and in this video I’m gonna be showingyou exactly how to do that. The very first thing that you need to keep inmind when accomplishing SEO for your Squarespace website is something calledkeywords. Now your keywords are the words and quotations that you actually want toshow up for when people are typing in a certain query on the search engines sogoing back to my tennis illustration if you’re selling tennis fuss on yourwebsite then the period tennis fuss might be a keyword that you want tooptimize one of your web pages for that’s also something to note searchengines don’t rank part websites but they actually rank individual web pagesyou need to ensure that every single web page on your Squarespace site isoptimized effectively for the keyword that you want that special page to beoptimized for.But you might be thinking Sam, how do I actually find keywords thatare relevant to my website. Well there is a really useful tool called the Googlekeywords tool and I’ll leave a link to the tool in job descriptions down below. Nowthis tool tells you exactly how many probes per month a particular keywordis getting and it also shows you hinted keywords so that you can usethese types of keywords on your website in criticalplaces and I’m gonna be showing you the critical sits to be put in thesekeywords later on in this video but before we do that I want to introduceyou to the Google keywords implement now as you can see I’m already on the Googlekeywords tool now on my computer and when you do sign up you will need agmail account and formerly you get your sign up once done you want to go up hereto tools and then you want to go to keyword planner and it will take you tothis page that I’m on currently and what you can actually do is find a newkeyword so you wanna click the arrow button.So I can actually type a tennisin now and click on that and pursuing so if my keyword was tennis you can seethat tennis actually comes researched a million to ten million times on Googleand it also gives you some other indicated keywords as well.Now the recommended keywords are keywords that are related to your main keyword soyou might find that the keyword that you wanted to rank for in Google doesn’tactually get a lot of pursuings per month you want to make sure that you’reactually optimizing your webpages for keywords that are actually gettingsearched.That being said there are two main types of keywords, there are shorttail keywords and long tail keywords. Now for the purposes of this video I’ve useda short fanny keyword in tennis and you don’t want to use something like tennisbecause it’s so vague and it’s really difficult to grade for. Short-lived tailkeywords tend to be one or two words and they tend to be very difficult to rankfor in search engines. The more long-winded your keyword is so forexample if you had a tennis academy in France then that keyword tennis academyin France is longer it’s more in-depth it’s more specific and hence it’s easierto rank for a keyword like that in Google.So when choosing your keywordsyou actually want to make sure that you’re choosing keywords that are easierto grade for and that best suit your website I actually have a ton of videoson a keyword the investigations and I will leave some of them in a description down below.Another really awesome tool to help you generate keywords is called long tailPro. I’m going to leave a link in the description – long tail Pro someyou go and check that two out. Now I’m not going to be doing an in-depthtutorial of how to use long tail Pro in this video I’m going to be doing it inan upcoming video so make sure you subscribe to this channel so you don’tmiss that video and sound the bill notification so that you get notifiedwhen that video becomes live.Now it’s important to note that long tush Pro isa premium product that you will need to purchase but this products if you arenew to finding keywords online are profitable and that will actually helpyou to rank in the major search engines and like I mentioned that are long tailand the ones that you’re most likely to actually rank for then this is a toolthat you might consider actually exerting. So now let’s talk about SEO for youractual Squarespace site so as “youre seeing” I have a template Squarespace sitehere and the first thing you want to do is go to sheets and you want to optimizeall of your Squarespace web pages every single sheet that you have on yourSquarespace site wishes to optimize the first thing you want to do is clickon this little icon now. When you do that it will open this tab, and you haveyour navigation title now this is the title that parties will see whennavigating to this particular page and you might want to obligate that SEO friendlyby adding whatever keywords it is that that sheet is about.So say for examplethat this page was about tennis then you can framed tennis there and you knowwhatever keyword that you’ve researched utilizing the Google keywords implement or longterm pro or whatever keyword investigate programme you’ve consumed, you want to be ableto use your keywords here but too remember that this is your navigationtitle so you don’t want your keyword to be too long now because it will justtake up too much infinite in the piloting. Now your sheet entitle is where you canactually get a little bit more specific with your keywords so this is the nameof this page and it appears on the top of your browser space. So for example ifsomeone goes up there you can see that this one says concoctions your locate titleso that’s what will come up there so you emphatically want to make sure that thisis keyword rich and you can use your long fanny keyword here, so this might bebetter for a short-tail keyword because like I said it’s gonna come upin somebody’s menu so you want that to be really short but you crave this tobe a longer tail keyword so maybe tennis lessons in London.Make make sure that you have your keywords there and it’s long tush youalso want to enable pages for public visibility now this kind of goes withoutsaying but if you don’t have your web pages enabled then the search engineswill not index them so if you want your sheet to be seen in the search enginesthen make sure that your sheet is actually enabled you too want to makesure that you describe what your web page is about.Don’t exit lazy with your description, make sure that you have an in-depthdescription about what this sheet is about abusing your keywords and variationsof your keywords in that specific section don’t leave it blank, don’t justhave one line, have a good paragraph about what your page is all about againusing your keywords of what that key page is about. So I might use the keywordtennis lessons in London why our tennis lessons are the best in London so usevariations like that in your description to make sure that Google know exactlywhat that page is about.Now, also another important feature is your URL slug. Thisis what your URL will be so for example you can see on my website if I gave you anexample if I go to deytips.com I’m actually trying to rank this page formake-money -Bay-eBay-and-PayPal so that’s what I is available in my URL eBay andPayPal that’s what I’m trying to rank for on Google. So whatever you’re tryingto grade for in Google you want to make sure you situated those keywords here, so thatpeople can see that in your url. That’s what URL slug signifies so you’re gonna wantto give that out and placed; tennis-lessons- in-London and you can use the hyphen inthe same way I’ve exploited it here if you want to separate different words.Anotherthing to know is you want to come up now to media and actually add athumbnail portrait. Now this is an image that’s going to be shown when you shareyour web page across social media. So this is just a great way to enticepeople to actually click on your associate have an enticing image that alsodisplays what your web page is all about. Again you’re gonna want to gothrough every page of your Squarespace website make sure you clink this iconbutton and make sure you fill in all of the details on these sheets that isavailable to you. The more information you dedicate and the more in-depth you are, the more keywords that you use then the more opportunity you have to rank in thesearch engines for that particular keyword.So when you actually click onyour webpage to edit your webpage there’s so many opportunities for SEOthat present themself as well. The first thing is your site title. Now your sitetitle you can name this anything. I suggest that you have your keyword hereas well as your locate title because search engines will pick this up. Sothat’s a great plaza to have your keywords so let’s say my keyword wastennis lessons in London then I want to change that and make sure that that ismy site title. You likewise have a tagline as well here so whatever my tagline is makesure your keyword is there.’ Best tennis lessons in London ‘, so you want to usethis section as well as a plaza to actually put your keywords. So going backto design now you actually want to make sure that the content of your area tellssearch engines what that page is about so I’m going to want to revise the contenton my place and have a title that is keyword rich.So tennis lessons in inLondon again if that’s my keyword then I want to want to make sure that is mytitle and I are truly come up now and make this a H1 label. Don’t worryif you don’t know what a H1 tag is, only adopt thoughts 1 as your entitlement andmake sure that that contains your keywords. So your chief 1 oryour h1 tag tells Google that that is an important phrase that that is animportant title and so you should have your keyword in the claim when you’recreating a new sheet. So’ tennis lessons in London’ but I can also add material tothis sheet as well so let’s say for example I’m literally just gonna go tomy site and copy some textbook so that I can give two examples. I’m going to imitation that and I’m gonna glue this down now andI’m gonna demonstrate you how I edit the content on my site now, time tomention this is for an lesson the aims and you don’t wanna print material from anothersite you wanna make sure that all of the content on your website is originalbecause it will actually do harm to your site’s SEO if you’re copying contentfrom another website because Google will see that your locate is just copy and theycan actually identify that, so make sure that the content on your area isoriginal.But let’s say for example this a page on my place and I wanted totalk about the’ top tennis lessons in London ‘, now I can actually make this asubheading if I wanted to so I can select the foreman 2 tag and so thatmeans I’ve actually got my keyword in my title 1 tag and I’ve also got mykeyword in my start 2 call now let’s say for example this was mycontent I can actually make this my chief 3 tag if I craved and thenthroughout my material I actually want to use my keyword tennis lessons in Londonso I would change this to,’ are you wondering how to find tennis lessons inLondon’ and then that’s my head in three tag now clearly you want to make surethat the content on your site is well done. I’m just doing thisquickly for example intents but you can hopefully get the point here. Thenthroughout your material you want to make sure that you’re using your keywordtennis lessons in London. So, let’s say that this article is about tennislessons in London then you want to use it throughout this key this article orthis page as well.So for the purposes of this video I’veliterally really pasted in from another website tennis lessons in London and thecontent that they had again you don’t want to do this but I’m just making thisvideo a bit quicker so as you can see I’ve got my keyword tennis lessons inLondon up here and that’s a foreman 2 tagI get tennis lessons in London up here as my overall header label and I’ve alsogot are you wondering how to find how to find tennis lessons in London? and that’s my H 3tag. Now again you want to make this as natural as possible write your articlefor human being not for search engines and then you can actually go back overyour sections or your sheets and then conclude these kinds of changes and makesure that you’ve got keywords in your your h1 or h2 and your h3 calls. You alsowant to ensure that you have keywords within your verse as well. So you can seeI have’ tennis tennis lessons in the UK’ so that’s a variation of my keyword andwhat you can actually do is hover over that and actually make it bold.So itjust kind of emphasizes that that’s an important word that’s what it tells thesearch engines that this is an important phrase’ tennis lessons in in London inthe UK’ so whenever you’re using your key word or a variation of your key wordwithin your organization of your text you can actually start that fearless as well really tooutline to the search engines, “hey, this is an important keyword, this is what mypage is all about”. Now again, you don’t want to go over the top with yourkeywords, simply use it naturally use it where it’s natural don’t don’t overuseit, don’t use it too much, make sure you are using variants of it and make sure that itreads well as well.So this is basically how you want to create content for bothyour webpages and also your blog sheets as well. It’s a good opinion where you canto add personas and video as well to your blog andand webpages because that’s multimedia material and Google utterly lovemultimedia content so the more personas that you can actually use to help todescribe whatever you’re trying to describe then that will be awesome and amore video you can use as well that’s the only going to be an SEO bonus foryour Squarespace website. So now I’m going to go all the way down to the advancedfeatures and I’m gonna click on’ nature ID’.Now you can see an option here whichsays’ disable portable wordings ‘, you don’t want to click this button because you want tomake sure that your website is optimized for a portable ordeal. Google and othermajor search engines find it really important that your website is actuallyfriendly when people are viewing it on their desktop or on their mobile phonesand it can negatively jolt your SEO if you click this button and your websiteis not mobile optimized. Now if you’re selling makes on your locate you’realso not gonna want to come down to where it says busines, and you can go to yourinventory and we’re going to work on SEO for our actual make pages.Soobviously your concoction reputation you want to have your product name now but you canalso have whatever keywords so let’s say you’re selling a hairbrush but you had aspecific keyword as well that wishes to that special make to rank forin Google then put your keyword there as well. Again down now you have a placewhere you can actually lend a description of your concoction, you want to make surethat you have your keywords now as well. You likewise want to make sure that this isas in-depth as is practicable don’t exactly write one sentence make sure you actually atleast about a paragraph including your keywords and changes of your keywordsin that section as well.You will likewise notice this labels section as well, youwant to add calls to this particular page as well that are linked to your productsand same with lists don’t leave this undone, included calls and categories thatare related so you can see here I’ve got hair brush, I’ve got mane caution, I’ve gothair products and I’ve got whisker care again down here in the category section.Then upload some likeness that are actually outline yourproduct as well and this is going to be great because sometimes the searchengines will actually take that epitome and use it in their search results. Socoming up to here to additional information this is another opportunityfor you to write as much as possible about your commodity so again obliging sureyour keywords are within this make it as in-depth as possible.You can also comeup here to where it says options and here is where you can actually changeyour make URL so you’re gonna want to change this to whatever your keyword isthat you want this particular product to run for in Google. Your thumbnailimage as well maybe leant an image of the actual product here. Lastly you’regonna going to see social and connect your social media accountings it’s reallyimportant that you have your social media reports connected to yourSquarespace site because social media is a great component to your overall SEOstrategy. I have a few videos on SEO and how social media will help your SEO andI’ll leave some of them in the description as a playlist butessentially you want to make sure that you’re active on social media and thenyou’re including those social media accounts on your Squarespace website aswell.So formerly you’re done with industry you want to go to marketing andSquarespace have an actual Squarespace SEO bit as well so you’re going to want to makesure that your site entitle is SEO friendly whatever keyword yourgoing, for so my illustration’ tennis lessons in London’ you’re gonna want to make sureyou put it there. Your meta description this is what shows up in Google and alsoit tells Google what your website or what your webpage is all about so you’regonna want to make sure you fill this in you have 400 courages now so makesure you actually fill this out and using your keywords as well and it showsyou a little example of how this will search as well and then when you finishthat you want to go to your Advanced Settings and have a look at this.Now I’mgonna explain what this is so is to do with your formatting and as you can seethe first option is the title of your site and the second option is the titleof your page. Now, for the home page I recommend that you have the claim ofyour locate because it’s your Paige but when you have here so’ pagetitle formats ‘, I recommend that you have this one as a deed of your page andthat is the second one that you participate down there. Now the reason why I say thatis because you miss each and every page on your website to be optimizeddifferently you don’t want them to all be the same so you want to pick thesecond one which is the page title. The same with your collection item downhere you want it to be the entitlement of your actual sheet. So if you go back you alsowant to make sure that you have share buttons on your locate and that youactivate your commodities on Instagram and adopt replica and actually go throughall of these theatres here, I’m not gonna make love for the purposes of time in thisvideo, but you want to make sure you connect your Instagram account and alsoadd a’ Pinterest Save button’ as well because as we’ve mentioned social mediais super important and easy you make it for parties to share the content on yoursite then that’s gonna have SEO helps in the long term for your website somake sure that you you don’t sleep on social media and you supplemented as much socialmedia information as possible now setting up your Pinterest buttons andalso setting up your Instagram information here as well.So going back, let’s go back to settings you can actually go to blogging settleds hereand you’re gonna want to change this as well same to how we did for our pagesyou’re going to want to make sure that the name of your pole criterion is normalnormalized for your URL so adopt it down here as you can see it’s the veryfinal one you’re gonna want to come rid of these ones and make sure you’re usingthis one. So again you can change this when you’re creating your articles oryour sheets you don’t have to do it in these settings but this just builds it alittle bit easier for you so scrolling down you actually have the option to usewhat’s known as AMP or intensified mobile pages , now this just helps toincrease your website’s performance on mobile phones so users have a betterexperience and again I’ve explained how really important it is for you tomobile-friendly websites so selecting that is not gonna hurt it’s only goingto help your SEO.When you go back you likewise have communication and neighborhood so youwant to select all of that as appropriate. You likewise have a businessinformation as well you want to make sure that you fill this out don’t belazy with this fill this out as much as possible because there’s a possibilitythat this information as well can show up on Google and Google will use thisinformation so make sure you fill that out absolutely. Likewise exactly fill outall of the information now as well the more information you give it toSquarespace and you put in there is the more opportunity you have to rank. Soonce you’ve completed and published your Squarespace website there’s another stepthat wishes to do and that is to send your website to Google, the bestway to do this is by using what’s known as the’ Google search console’ now I’llleave a link in the description to the Google search console so make sure youclick on that link and sign up for a Google search console account once yousign up for a Google search console accounting you will need to verify yourwebsite and I will too leave a link in the specific characteristics with information on howyou can verify your website but if you have any issues of any questions feelfree to leave me a comment in the comment section.So once you’ve actuallyregistered for a Google search console accountyou’ll be logged in and it will look like this you want to make sure that youhave all of the alterations of your locate here as well. As you can see here I havethe https :// www.deytips.com I too have the variation of my area without theHTTPS and likewise you are eligible to have http :// deytips.com and that’s without any www. so you’regoing to want to made to ensure that you submit all of the fluctuations of yourwebsite into your Google search console and then it is the beginning corroborating yourproperty. The next thing you’re gonna want to make sure you do is come downhere to where it says site Maps and click on that and it goes to show you thispage now luckily enough with Squarespace SEO you alreadyhave a sitemap page so whatever the URL of your Squarespace website is you all youneed to do is add’ sitemap.xml’ now that’s going to be the URL to yoursitemap and as a Squarespace website customer you literally only need to add sitemap.xmland again this is only going to work if you actually have a premium Squarespaceaccount so if you don’t have a premium Squarespace account then this is probablynot gonna work but the way to check that it directs is you want to copy thissitemap.xml, and I’ll leave this in the description as well so you can actuallyfind this, and go to whatever your website is mine is deytips.com and I’mpasting in sitemap.xml and it should make “youre going to” a page that looks verysimilar to this.Now it’s not gonna look accurately like this because my website isactually hosted on WordPress so if you type in your website sitemap.xml and youdon’t see something like this and you view an error page then it means that youdon’t have access to your XML sitemap and you need to upgrade your Squarespaceaccount but if you do see that then you are eligible to literally click Submit and this submitsall of your web pages to Google and when you are upgrading your locate it automaticallytells Google that your area has been informed so this is a great way to getyour website indexed. You too want to submit your sitemap to Bing WebmasterTools as well I’m gonna leave a link in the description to Bing Webmaster Toolsbut with Bing Webmaster Tools you can submit your website instantly to Yahooand Bing which are also gargantuan search engines.So formerly you go through thesignup process and initiate your bring Webmaster Tools account you can actuallygo here and enter your website name, I’m just going to enter test.com forexample purposes and when you click’ Add’ you can add your sitemap now as well soyou want to go back to your XML sitemap deytips.com/ xml.sitemap sitemap XML so it’llbe your website instead of deytips.com and then travel now and pasteyour sitemap in. So if you followed the steps in this video then you’ll be wellon your practice to optimizing your Squarespace website for major searchengines such as Google Yahoo and Bing. It’s important to note that all of thewebsites that I’ve mentioned throughout this video will be available in thedescription so make sure you go and check the description out if you want togo back over any of those sites.Also if you got stuck along the way or youhave any questions then let me know in the comment section down below. It’s alsoimportant to note that SEO is a marathon and not a sprint, it takes a lot morethan simply the steps in this video to really start grading for the keywordsthat you desire to rank for in the search engines so make sure yousubscribe to this YouTube channel and sounds the buzzer notification button because Iwill actually be raising more videos on SEO and how you can improve theoverall SEO of your website so you don’t want to miss those videos make sure yousubscribe to this channel. I have a playlist on SEO as well so make sure youclick on that playlist so that it will make “youre going to” all of the videos that I’vealready originated on SEO stuff so that you can actually make sure that you have thecompetitive advantage when it comes to ranking your website in major searchengines for keywords that are important for you, your company and your websitenow lastly I want to make sure that you actually have the opportunity todownload the formula to making online sales.I’m a digital marketingconsultant by trade and if you want to know all of my tips to generate in salesonline if you offer a products or a service and you’re trying to sell thatthrough Squarespace then you have to download this formula it’s absolutelyfree. But hopefully this video is contributing to out and if it did then please click thelike button down below and make sure you share this video with a friend. If youhave any additional questions or criticisms then leave them for me in thecomment division. But until next time, watch some of my other enormous videos makesure you subscribe to this channel for more frightening business relevant material, download the formula, have a great day and I will see you soon.

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