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-[ Neil] Hey everyone, it’s Neil Patel and welcome to anotherday of Local SEO Unlock. Before we get started, make sure you subscribe to this channel and if you’re on YouTube, clink the alert notification. Today we’re going to be breakingdown on an off page SEO. If you miss any of the previous instructions we’ve already had four other videos, you can check them outat training and click on Local SEO Unlocked, where you will not only find the lessons but you’ll find the worksheets, the templates, the PDFs, the chisel membranes that allgo along with each lesson so that lane you can get results faster and with less labor. So why wouldn’t youdownload these templates? In this lesson, we’ll discuss the art of optimizing your local SEO.And when we’re discussing neighbourhood SEO, I want you to firstly is the beginning by thinking about New York versus NewJersey, just for a moment. Think about New York versus New Jersey. All title, you got that in your front. Well, I’m going to goover that in a little and you have a few extraseconds to think about it but the overall reasonwhy I imparted that up is when you’re doing keyword experiment, you have to do it forevery single county, region that you focus on.You need to also accommodated yourwebsite to that regional public. Now, when you think aboutNew York versus New Jersey, they’re quite a bit different, one is more urban, one has neighbourhoods, one is busy, one is calmer, one has a much more wealthier population, one has maybe more average income, one has no sales tax, one may have a really high cost of living and city income tax. All these things need to be kept in mind when you’re doing your regional experiment because your customeris quite a bit different and their needs are quite a bit different. So how do you grade well in local search? Well, it comes down to a three things, closenes, relevance and renown. How close is your business’s searcher? How related is a searchquery to the products and service you have to sell? And what other customerssay about your product and services and whatdo they genuinely imagine? A quantity that you can doto really rank locally is to have tons of location-based pages.Tiffany& Co does a greatexample of this or more so a very good job of this, they sell jewelry, the government has local sheets for all their retailersand or all their locations and by doing this they’re standing really, really well locally and that motived them to get more business over meter. With localization is also important to localise your material. Take the time to understand the culture of the city, the country and that’s why I mentionedNew York versus New Jersey.Feature any regional pages if you are able to peculiarly your more popular points and go really in depth on each page and don’t simply comedy, hey, here’s your orientation? Here’s your name and address. Show images, videos, talk about what you offer, your makes, yourinventory, the most detailed you get the better off you’re going to be with your regional rankings. I likewise want you to createcontent based on neighbourhood word, tales and occurrences that’srelevant to your industry, there’s always somethinglocal that’s happening and by creating content around this is going to also helpyou grade higher locally. Now when I say this, the caveat is don’t appoint material for thesake of creating content, it needs to be related to your business and help your ideal customer, if it doesn’t thenyou’re wasting your time.I want you to breakyour main category down into different topics. For example if it’s cats, it “wouldve been” cat education, felines in New York City, cat cocktails, cat nutrient, old-fashioned felines, young “cat-o-nine-tails”, gray-haired felines, cat nutrient, cats having babies, all this kind of stuff. So the more detailed you get the better you’re going to rankbecause it demoes Google that you’re expert and youhave the reckon in the opening because you’re breakingdown each of the topics that are really important to people.Now some of the cattopics I just came up with is no longer able make sensecause I don’t have a cat and I don’t know much about them but you get the point. Once you have your contentand you’ve fragment it all down and you’re trying to optimize your website, one easy road to get better positions and more business locally is to submit to all the neighbourhood directories out there from Yahoo Local to, the listing goes on and on andI’m not going to bore you with the register becauseI have the register for you in a delightful PDF that youcan really download it at training andhead to Local SEO Unlocked and you’ll find it under weektwo and it’s the second video under week two where you’ll find all the list of directoriesjust download the PDF and you’ll be good togo and submit your site.I too want you to makeyour URLs unusually comprehensible. Don’t throw figures in your URLs. Try to have your URLs with utterances. Parties don’t really sought for lists, they sought for words that’s why key words are very important and that’s why we discussedthat in the previous lesson. When you put your URLs in, what are the keywords in your URLs, you’ll find that you’ll come more sounds and you’ll grade higher. One thing to do is once youhave your keywords in your URLs, supplemented internal joins so ifyou have a page on “cat-o-nine-tail” menu and you have another page ondog feed and be like, hey, if you too have a countylooking for cat food, nutrient arrive now, you can linkyou to go now, parole or word or the cat meat phraseto that page on cat meat. And that helps yourinternal pages rank better because it extends juicebetween your sheets, Google can see that, hey, you think all these pages are important and high quality because you’re linking to them.So we’re going to grade them higher. And when you use internallinks, make sure it’s natural, don’t merely focus on thekeyword like when I said, if you’re looking for “cat-o-nine-tail” food get-up-and-go here the link text could saycat food or it could say, exit now or it could say, ifyou’re looking for feline meat, go here and you can makethe whole thing a connect but really do whatever’s natural, you don’t always need thekeyword to be the link. Typically, when you’re writing material and you’re associate out internally, you should have a handful ofinternal associates on each sheet. As long as your paid doesare long and detailed if they’re not, perhaps you have one or two, if they’re really long youmay have three or four.Another type of tie-ups is external relations. And “its what” builds trust. External attaches is other websiteslinking to your website. And the more connections youhave, the better it is. External links are likevotes in an electoral or policy debate. The more polls someone has, the more likely they’re to win. On the internet, Googlelooks at SEO on ranks based on joins, themore connects someone has, the higher they’re going to rank because all those ties-in isa another website attesting for your website. So when you’re trying to go out there, how do you build these joins? Well, you build thesethings by just outreaching. I go to networkingevents in their own communities, look to see who relation your competitor, you can do that by going to, putting your competitor URL in there and once that onus up, click on the back relation reporton the left-hand navigation, it’s at the terribly bottom that’ll register you who’slinked to your competition and you can reach out to all those places and see if they’re willingto link to you as well.In addition to that, make sure your website is encrypted and reassuring, there’s a lot of securityissues going around these days by having HTPs security, you’re much more likely to rank better in the long run. And even if your site is secure, another thing you need to do is make sure your site onus fast. In the Ubersuggest report, you can also click onthe site audit report in the left-hand navigation, it’ll tell you how fast your website onus and if it loads gradual, it’lltell you what you need to do to fix it. So then you’re going tobe often to the races, have a blazing fast website because that will helpwith your positions as well. Then there’s schema markup, there’s a lot to do with organized data which helps you rank higher and I won’t bore-hole you to thedetails with schema markup because we have worksheetsand there’s a lot of tools which is even better than the worksheets that help you supplement schemamarkup to your website.If you use Google StructuredData Markup Helper, you can just Googlefor it, throw in your URL and you can select whereyou require the skill markup. Like are you event-based business, movie-based business, articles, what are the pages youwant to add schema to? It shows you your website. You precisely select the element it’s on there that you want to mark up like this. And you exactly adopt whatyou want to do like for name or address or anything like that. It gives you code, you emulate and adhesive it, pop out on your website, youcan use a W3C market validation to make sure you’re notdoing anything wrong there. Check all of that to make sure it’s clean and then of course, the second thing that you’ll want to do isgo to Google search console, refer your site delineate so that direction Google canindex your website precisely and that’ll help you withyour ranks as well.If you don’t want sure-fire pages indicator, you can use a robot.TXT enter. You probably don’t need this but I merely want tomention this just in case you want to block Google and people from seeingcertain sheets on your website. And with your website, you want to time make sure you have a good structure, you’re doing the internal links, you’re having multiple coatings deep, you’re going actually end up on categories because that’ll help yourank higher in the long run and if you’re not noticingthat your standings are going up over experience, if yougive it three to six months, time of course go to search console, make sure you don’t have any disadvantages, look for any manual actions if there’s no issuesdetected, you’re fine, construct some relations, give us some more day and you should do better over time.Then there’s also tone examination, there’s tools out there like Jetson AI that facilitate construct your website compatible for voice investigation. If you too use schema markup and that’s what I introduced that up because that can also helpwith utter research as well. And it’s all about micro times, you want to answer specificquestions that people will have. And according to OCNCover the next few years over $40 billion approximately itcould be a little bit off but I know it’s well intothe billions like that. It’s roughly 40 billionfrom the last summer, I looked at the numbereither 20 something billion or 40 something billion, either way it’s a large number of obtains that aregoing to happen per year through singer investigation. And if you’re trying to find more keywords to go after through articulate examine, you can type in keywordswithin two Uber Suggest and it’ll help you findthose micro moments. It’ll give you ideas ofwhat’s working and what’s not. So final step for you goto training, click on Local SEO Unlocked, I want you to go to week two.This is the second video exercise and download all the worksheetsincluding all the resources, the tool list that we have for you. If you enjoyed this video, you liked it, share it, subscribe to the channel, tell your friends about it. Of direction like the video and if you time want us to doall your Local SEO for you, check out my ad enterprise, Neil Patel Digital. Thank you for your time ..

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