The TRUTH About Digital Marketing | Why Content is NOT King


Today we’re going to talk about the truth about the digital market and why content is not king stay sung, All privilege, let’s get into it. So Digital marketing, the truth! Is it’s not about understanding. Spoofs ploys It’s not about acquiring shortcuts. Okay, there’s, there’s, so many different stages out there. All you’re trying to do is connect with beings.

Okay, the way to continue to connect with parties is by understanding them. So When there’s a new platform, Yes, there is a process of learning how to use the brand-new scaffold, Whether it be tick tock and it’s a slightly different kind of video that actually isn’t that different from things We’ve seen In the past, like vine and others, Or if you are just starting on something that’s been established as aged as Facebook or Instagram, It’s not about learning tricks, It’s not about um.

You are currently working on these courses and all these things that you might have seen they might be able to help you. I’m not here, to discredit anybody who’s trying to help people. I too am the expert consultants, So I’m not trying to discredit the industry but as far as focus, if you’re just starting out – and you want to understand how to use digital marketing to drive sales rise.

What you need to be doing is to Break it down to the basics, So digital marketing is just like any other marketing. Okay, just like, if you watch tv ads today, You’ll see that there’s a switching from the room they used to be. Usually, there’s that education And it’s. You know it’s a little bit of recreation, a lot more education. Now they’re going a lot more into the entertainment sphere, Because beings have learned about their customers that They want to be entertained more than anything right now, And so that’s, where the focus is It’s still driving auctions upshots, And precisely because More attention is now online.

Doesn’t mean there’s any different. Any inconsistency in that. So the thing to think about is Before you go out and hire anyone to actually guided their market before you dedicate dollars to ad invest. You need to think about what you understand about your purchaser. The number one way To drive results with commerce is to have the right context. Context is king And what situation implies in the in relation to this is What you’re saying. Does it resonate with people? Is it? Is it the right time to be saying what you’re saying, For example, Okay, let’s say right when covert thumped, I put out selling ads, Let’s say this is February of 2020?

I put out ads talking and I’m in a plane – And I have you know a knot of cash around me And I’m saying that you know anyone’s closing down their business is a fool and I’m saying that you know My program makes any business recession, proof and you know – and I’m just saying all these things and I’m, putting all these idols out there of rich and successful, and I imply I’m Doing the whole tactic of putting you down to attain You feel like you need me, Is that going to be received?

Well, Probably not Whether the video creation was excellent and I’m wearing a great suit, and I have just clean-living statements all around me And it’s got your attention. You’re interested in the coin. You’re interested in having a jet one day, Whether those things are interesting to you And whether or not the ad was at the freedom rate per sound and all those fundamentals are appropriate.

I’m completely disjointed In my approach to you. I’m completely extending right past you and I am not going to inspire you to do anything with me. So the truth about digital commerce is, You need to be able to understand where your purchasers are in their lives And how they read both what you offer and your company. So if they see your company as something that you don’t want them wants to talk to you as, for instance, you know if they see your firm as Something that is a luxury good, that they don’t really need. Your marketing should not only be trying to drive them to a site where they could buy, But it should be convincing them that either it’s not an indulgence or it’s, a comfort that they need.

You need to be understanding where they’re. Coming from And provide the context to be able to pull them in and lure them, Not with precisely the things that they’re interested in or what’s trending or what’s favourite. But you need to be able to use your marketing senses to crowd the spread Between where they are in the buying process, whether it’s an awareness Consideration or about to make a decision.

You want to move them To from where they are to where you want them to be so a thing to really think about. Is You know before you dedicated any dollars to any ad before you bring on a dealer to work with you Just think about. Do you understand who your purchasers are because that might be where to start when you “ve brought” merchants, You might want to ask them. You know: how do they, study patrons? How do they understand?

You know how it works to attract the privilege contents in How do they do their inventive based on your customers? What penetrations can they tell you from what they can see of who your customers are, that’s a good residence to start And then, as far as paid versus organic It’s? All of these things about you know paid to be so cheap go ahead and do it The only difference between paid and organic? Are you’re moving to the front of the line? So if you have Context – and you have content that you can put on the right programmes – that your customers are actually on – You can do that free of charge right.


You can throw that there is nothing to And if it’s good enough, it’s the right situation. Maybe you have to you know, Give it a little support with your own team, give it some likes. So it gets. You know these systems, they have algorithms and things like that which consumes Engagement to decide how often they’re going to show what you’re doing. Maybe you need to push it a little, But if it’s right, Then you can actually drag the results it is necessary to without Paying for clinks and if you do want to pay for clinks. I also want to say this to that. You know There. are there’s a halo around Organic.


There’s a halo around, not spending money on advertising. The detail is, if you have the right context, you have the right content And you know where your clients actually are And you devote dollars that drive results and bring you brand awareness That’s valuable. Okay, if you look at the ROI and it’s worth it, It doesn’t take away from the strength of your brand. You know It, you are getting your datum in front of more beings. You know There was probably a meter where you merely had a few people doing auctions. You know, build up your sales team, didn’t take away from the price Of what your company offers.


You know if you know that what you offer is going to save parties Save their lives, improve their lives. You know It’s your duty to provide that information to them, and you can use digital to do that, So that’s our video for today. I hope you took a lot from this. If you have any questions or commentaries from leave down below – and I’d like to know from you – Which one do you think problems more context or material, You

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