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MAILE OHYE: Hello! Im Maile Ohye, Google Webmaster Central Developer Project Technology lead But today, I will play the role of Google Store SEO The URL of the Google Store is The Google Store sells a lot of interesting things, such as Google T-shirts and fold up flyers We will use this website as an example to discuss together How to better use Google webmaster tools Because it is my favorite^ _^ Now, if Im an SEO for the Google Store, the first thing Im going to do is Log in to Google Webmaster Tools Verify my owned of the website, then sign up for email forwarding This aspect is in the mail center The forward forwarding serve can move important contents from Google For example, malware reminders, or remembers of crawling problems Forward to the inbox of your registered email address in a timely manner So that even though they are you dont log in to the webmaster tools You are also welcome to receive important remembers and notifications in time Next pace, step back and say, as SEO, I will tell Google About the business policy of the Google Store I will try my best to support their efforts to and ensure the online auctions programme Align with their overall business goals So tells are of the view that the owner of the Google Store Tell me an integrated part of their business Is the online sale of Google produces For example, they hope to sell more Android T-shirts and Google yoyo. Of direction, the latter are our hypothetical scenarios Now, as an SEO, my objective is clearer I need to help the Google supermarket sell more produces But Im not just trying to help the Google store sell all the products Instead, I allocate my term according to the priority of such products Prioritize optimization of those that are currently have some notoriety in the market Produce webpage This is more than optimizing, but too composing demand for a concoction Much simpler In prescribe to achieve this, I will analyze by Google Webmaster Tools Relevant the information furnished by the “Search query” part These data help me understand which commodities Already have a good execution in investigation Now, some concoction scour expressions in the Google store have already ranked well But simply one of the purposes of the impress of these search queries genuinely enticed Clicks from target purchasers I will follow these exploration inquiries And other pursuit queries, such as Youtube Actually insignificant These irrelevant exploration queries may wreak a lot of thoughts, But when users probe Youtube, they are likely want to watch video And its hard to sell them YouTube T-shirts Now through my performed search query words, such as “Google T-shirts” and “Android T-shirt”, whenever I log in to Google Webmaster Tools I is to be able to racetrack the progress of these key scour expressions Without being readily amused by other words In other areas of this video, in order to save time I will concentrate on assisting the Google Store improve Sales of “Android T-shirts” Based on the search query that has been labelled with an asterisk, I will schedule it in the Google search results Query them You can see the search expression “Android T-shirt”, My second develop can become More illustrative and comprehensible Synopsis are often produced based on the meta description of the web page( mata description) As the SEO of the website, this is the one I can soon Facilitate to solve the problem After looking at the search query and coming an idea of how to prioritize the search query I came to the Google Webmaster Tools “Keywords” peculiarity division Keywords facilitate me understand what Google found on my website What are the important texts As an SEO, I hope these keywords can be compared with what I hope to improve Ranked search terms pair Here I found that the keywords of the Google collect include Organic, ecological and cotton These keywords are the keywords of the products I want to sell Not inconsistent In say to achieve my online marketings goals, I elevate the keywords of my website discovered by Google More about Android, The vocabulary of Google and T-shirts, the vocabulary that I hope to improve my rank Rather than the description of organic fibers, such as cotton, Organic etc. Following these keywords, I return to the search query Go to see which specific sheet of my website ranks for each specific investigation inquiry When the website shows that the average position is 5.0 This meant that when a user penetrates a scour inquiry, The average position of the related sheets of my website in the search results is No. 5 In other words, useds in San Francisco may find that my page is under one particular hunting inquiry Ranked 4th, and for the same search query A used in New York might find that my page is graded 6th The average position of my sheet is 5th Also, if a examination inquiry provokes my sheet Performs in the 4th and 6th arrangements of the search results at the same time, so my average outlook Still graded 5th If your website appears in search results as a result combination We will use the rank of the entire result combination as the higher-ranking of your website For example, in this example, all websites included in this marketings portfolio Will be considered first place s point The appreciate of the “change” entry is used as your search inquiry Difference from the previous probe query Whether the two queries are separated by a few months, or a few weeks, a few epoches In exploration inquiries, as an SEO, I noticed Some URLs are duplicate The two search results are very similar Only slightly different in constants Here I have some suggestions for duplicate content issues To abbreviate the occurrence of duplicate content I would use rel= canonical, and “URL parameter configuration” tool in webmaster tools In the URL parameter configuration, I can tell the Google crawler Some constants are valuable, and some constants Can be ignored If my URL structure contains constants that use standard encoding Then I can use the tool to process the parameters If I use some non-standard and alternative coding, Then search engines will be difficult to understand My website Another stair to reduce duplicate content is View “HTML Suggestions” Here are some URLs that ought to have slithered and indexed by Google, But they contain duplicate titles or meta descriptions I can check if my “Android T-shirt” page contains Parts considered to be replicates by Google Fortunately, there is no such difficulty at the moment Every important sheet should have a dedicated Page name and meta description This direction, the Page Rank of my page will not be diluted Next, I will check on my website Did Google find any move wrongdoings In the “Crawl Errors” column, there is a list of the resources webpages with crawling inaccuracies This assistance me rest assured that my capacity tourists can access the sheet they wish to reach Instead of encountering a 404 not detected lapse Embarrassing place There are currently two benefits to fixing these crawling lapses One is to grasp potential purchasers from other websites, The second is to accumulate the honour appreciate from external links to The relevant URL. Speaking of connections, I will look at “internal links” below The Page Rank of the homepage of the website is usually The highest in the entire site Therefore, if we can placed the sheets we want to rank better, For example, my Android T-shirt webpage, It will be very beneficial to establish a good association liaison with my website and the homepage of the website In this speciman, my Android T-shirt is better than other produce sheets Get fewer internal tie-ups Such as organic basic T-shirt, etc. To help users and search engines discover my Android T-shirt page I will better arrange the internal link structure, Make the link between the homepage and the page more sensible Another implement I can use is “crawl like Googlebot” With this lampoon crawler, I can check redirects, dynamic sheets, And URL rewriting etc.Are working as I expected I can also make sure that whether its a textbook letter or a tie-up Can be retrieved and slithered normally For example, in “crawl like Googlebot”, If I find that the content of my page cannot is properly identified Its likely that these texts are been incorporated in likeness or introduced in JavaScript As a answer, it cannot be correctly recognized by Googlebot. Many studies have shown that the faster a sheet ladens, Then the user experience and happiness will be better As todays season is relatively limited, I will pass Check “Site Performance” in Webmaster Tools for a brief introduction This aspect is mainly to assist you Make the site faster Now, unfortunately, I noticed my Android T-shirt page It makes more than 6 seconds to laden to access Most business websites are scheduled to load within 2 seconds As an SEO, I dont want to lose users because of slow velocity I will increase the accelerate of the website As one of the priorities Now, gives assess the features we just used in Webmaster Tools 1) I have registered for the mail forwarding office of the mail center 2) I checked the “Search Query Function” to understand which research expressions my website has achieved a good rank Produce pages related to these probe words will be the focus of my next optimization 3) I use the “keywords” function to understand how I should Unearth my content 4) I tried to reduce the repeat content of the website through the “HTML suggestion” function 5) Use the “URL parameter configuration” office and the “crawl error” run Fix wrong connection 6) Specify promotion priority for website content by comparing internal connections 7) Use “crawl like Googlebot” to verify that the content of the website is likely to be slithered correctly 8) Eventually, I use the “Site Performance” implement to improve Website hurried Thank you for watching I hope these tips-off can help you better Use Google Webmaster Tools( webmasters/ tools/? hl= zh-CN) At the same time, you are welcome to read our Google Chinese webmaster blog( ggblog/ googlewebmaster-cn /) And our Google Webmaster Center( intl/ zh-CN/ webmasters /) And our Google Webmaster Center( intl/ zh-CN/ webmasters /)

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