What is Black Hat SEO? Search Engine Optimization (Explained)


Okay everyone, today I’m going to talk to you about blackhat SEO if you don’t is well known blackhat SEO is, it’s still a what’s out there, is a way that people are basically trying to reach your target website and take your website down That’s negative SEO, which is kind of blackhat SEO and it’s that theory extremely grade or do things on google that are against their specifications so blackhat SEO is anything that is against the terms of service of the search engines My honour is john lincoln I am an SEO expert I “il tell you everything” that you need to know a pitch-black blackhat SEO in this video So first SEO in Blackhat SEO is nice to split it into two different provinces, like that There are connection schemes and then somehow the general blackhat SEO stuff right like that So let’s start with the link schemes what are the link programmes that are against the google terms of services that are firstly buy ties-in when purchasing tie-ups from other websites that you are not allowed to visit Buying a join is not the case on google I want “youre going to” do that pay the links on your next relation exchange I’m sorry sir if you connect with me I will refer to you from this website is not allowed and when I say oh when you If you connect me from this website, I am connecting for you from another website not enabled them not to want you Exchanging connects used to be very big what parties would do for years and years ago and it wreaked really well but today you can’t make this article marketing guest writes all that is inferior so if I write a hundred clauses and I get them on one a number of other websites around the web Google will take up this Pattern and you will get a manual action sanction that will be displayed inside a google pursuing console or you are able get a penguin penalty for what happens If you have too many joins from your website with the same fasten Text fasten Text is just a word basically wants the textbook that is in it of the lagoon, if this is for z.For example, it exchanges the link Exchange “wouldve been” the linchpin verse from this link so that you can client pole can do essay commerce, but it can’t be. It can’t be inferior articles it can only be if you really write great commodities and you link to something relevant within the article to something that is relevant on another website or on your website anything that is automated is bad There are many different programs out there originating the so called relation So mostly indicator when you get a link on another website there’s a chance Google might not even see this link, you can use these automation programmes be do this Build a Whole Bunch You are link to a entire knot of others Relations that would then go to this final link if your attach is here and you “ve got all” of these other relates that are on these other areas and then all of these other relations on my other websites that are created by an automation curriculum these would refer to this link to these and so on and so on and build more sovereignty on that join on going to see your website, so automation Planneds are against Google’s guidelines and there are quite a few of them out there since they are not quite as big as they used to be but and then profile tie-ups So if you go out there and time build a entire bunch of social media charts or They build quite a lot of profiles on meeting websites, etc.Profiles anywhere on the web and then you situated associates on these two sheets that you are If “youre trying to” get a higher ranking, you can get a penalty for it too Search locomotive optimization and then networks tie every type of network where you go and you Pay and they put you on a entire emcee of different websites and ties-in from these Website to your website, that is also Blackhat SEO and Google makes this Ok all the time so we’ve encompassed most of the linking stuff let’s get into Some of the other types of blackhat SEO things that are out there comment on spam so when you use a program it will automatically render commentaries to others Website initiate or automatically generate criticisms on your own website hoax explain that helps you rank better on google or harm Opponents and obligate them make rank worse than Google due to negative SEO is not allowed and that is Black Hat SEO stealthy redirects so if you have a page that’s a rank and then you’re redirecting from someone else to another This page is an example of Black Hat SEO doing so well with commodities for relations selling that’s another thing you can’t do so you can’t consequently say here is one Product link to my website here is some money link to my website that is the same as a product and connect inlet in switch so if you have a scholarship for Example say you have a scholarship and you are quite a few joins through this award because educational Organizations examine the award you crave a link to so that theirs Students can restriction the award and that’s something you really can’t do anyway you say that though and then you eventually redirect this sheet to 301 another page that shows the links another page that also has SEO You can’t settled a keyword into something cram too many search expressions into one Page is enough is something you can’t do.Cloaking Google shows a sheet though then serve another hidden content The content of a sheet cannot be obstructed Articles are allowed to rotate merely to create articles and simply start sheets so that they are able to rank on google and they are very thin Many content people will do this through some type of PHP script there is something called a material matrix You can procreate five versions of one Rotate paragraph have dynamic domain Create entry sheets the hell is graded in Google You mustn’t do that either, scraped-off content that steals the contents all about the web that comes graded on your site so it doesn’t either allowed funny thing about that google doesn’t allow you to do that for them Terms of use, you can’t scratch content but yes if you actually remember about what google scrapings content to serve it in their search Causes and they do that more and more and more especially with the new one Knowledge Panels Rich Snippets things like that and then even meta names and Descriptions I make, that’s just scraped off. Of course we are intending to do all of this for google because we want traffic right and it’s the greatest Search machine in the world any gondola engendered material that you are not authorized to do and then bait-and-switch stuff we talked a little about social media Spam when you merely get thousands and thousands of shares from others Social Websites That You Buy That Is Blackhat SEO and Something That You Are not allowed to do that now and then a rich snippet of markup spam, i.e.Rich snippets on pages so that points are inserted into the code that will improve your roll within Google this is actually not relevant for this page that is being goal Spam too so that’s another thing you can’t do blackhat SEO all automated queries so if you are using something to generate the wrong congestion that is the search for your companionship or your keyword and then in and Click on your website for an automated inquiry that is nothing So you are not allowed to do automated inquiries and negative SEO within Google if you really hate your entrant you’re like me or don’t like this person Girls and I are going to build thousands of these inferior links to his website to get him fines and penalties for realizing it look like he’s doing all that blackhat SEO stuff can’t do that, that’s considered blackhat SEO when doing blackhat SEO fine a negative SEO against your contestants So sometimes url insertion spam is what you will see someone is hacking a sheet like wordpress and then they will insert relation in pages or they are able to Hack pages or they will create thousands and thousands of sheets and that’s just just made by a write and then what it happens that they set links to these sheets This often happens in places like Viagra Cialis you know these capsules properly and these are known to be spammy areas for SEO, so watch out for the hack spoof 2011 and then the domain, so when a person leads and buys Coca-Cola and they don’t sell it to Coca Cola and you only stick with it though That is your trademark, that you are not allowed to do that extremely blackhat SEO that’s all things that you can’t supposed to do now, when You are being targeted by negative SEO or you are being targeted by Blackhat SEO from a negative perspective or you did blackhat SEO and now you just wanted to Bring Your Website Back To A Good Place Well that’s a good question, so everyone Associates schematics of things that really go through disavow folders so far as you go into the google search console you want to disable shortcuts you want to block You have to enter these ties-in and you have to remove many of these ties go back can take it down there actually is one Tool called a remover that is good for transport masked messages as well Keeping road of how many linkages are down and how many are not Since then, you can use automated sends to send a sequence to break these things down You need to and and lose weight cancel any kind of automated platforms any kind of sponsors delete profile relations and get out of one Link structures when you want to get off this whole blackhat site and have yours Website is viewed as a clean character website within Google now this kind Things too need to be handled that nature when you’ve made keyword Fill you will have to reduce it if you have sold concoctions for associations You have to go back and clean up the above perhaps asking a Rhian assumption with google when you have completed the camouflage or making content or malevolent material You need to clean all of that things out when you have passage pages You have to make them down you have to redirect them, though You met bait and switch I have to push this old sheet live, that was There we have to remove the pages fully in the form of forum if You have url insertion spam, if your arenas ought to have spoofed “youre supposed to” Check out the hacked part on google to be informed about what went wrong and how You can set it and there’s so much more to negative SEO and so much more Blackhat SEO I Didn’t Cover Today So this is it for blackhat SEO if you can have a comment, make sure you leave one I’d love to answer all of your questions on the subject there is something that is out there is something that is still very real If you liked this video, make sure you like to comment and subscribe and I will Until next time

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