What is Black Hat SEO? Search Engine Optimization (Explained)


okay everybody so today I’m gonna talkto you about blackhat SEO if you don’t know what blackhat SEO is it’s still athing it’s still out there it’s a way that people mostly try to target yourwebsite and take your website down that’s negative SEO that’s a type ofblackhat SEO and it’s also this concept of getting graded or doing things inGoogle that are against their recommendations so blackhat SEO is anything thatviolates search engines Terms of Service my mention is John Lincoln I’m an SEOexpert I’m gonna tell you everything that you need to know a pitch-black aboutblackhat SEO in this video so first SEO in blackhat SEO it’s kindof broken up into two different spheres so there’s tie planneds and then kind ofthe general blackhat SEO stuff right so let’s start out with the link arrangements sowhat are the link intrigues that are considered against Google’s Terms ofService first thing is buying attaches so if you’re buying relates from otherwebsites you are not allowed to do that exactly buying a tie Google doesn’twant “youre going to” do that they want you to earn the links next associate exchanges so ifI say excuse me sir if you link to me I’ll link to you from this website thatis not allowed and if I say oh if you link to me from this website I’ll linkto you from another website that’s also not allowed they don’t want youexchanging joins this used to be a huge thing that parties would do years andyears ago and it truly ran very well but today you cannot do that articlemarketing client poles anything that’s low-quality so if I write a hundredarticles and I get them posted on a whole cluster of other websites around theweb Google is gonna pick up on that pattern and you’re gonna get a manualaction penalty which will be displayed inside a Google search console or you might geta penguin penalty which is what happens when you have too many connections pointingout your website with the same anchor text anchor text is just a term thatbasically represents the text that’s inside of the reservoir so if this was linked to forexample it said tie-in exchanges attach exchanges would be the fix text ofthat associate so you can do guest berths you can do article marketing but it can’t bemassive it can’t be low-quality essays it is impossible to be if you write a reallygreat article and you link to something relevant within the article to somethingthat’s related on another website or on your websiteanything that’s automated is bad so there’s a lot of different curricula outthere that do something called tie-up indexing so mostly if you get a linkon another website there’s an opportunity that Google might not even see that association soyou can use these automation programs to build a whole bunch ofthey’re links to a entire bunch of other connects that would then go to that finallink so if your tie is here and you have all these other associations that are onthese other websites and then all these other connections on my on these other sitesthat are built by an automation planned these would link to these these wouldlink to these and so on and so forth and improve more authority to this link that’sgoing to your website right so automation programs are against Google’s guidelinesand there’s quite a bit of them out there they’re not quite as big as theyused to be though and then profile connections so if you go out and you exactly build awhole bunch of social media charts or you build a entire cluster of charts onforum places so on and so on profiles anywhere around the web and then you putlinks in those two sheets that you’re trying to get ranked higher you can geta penalty for that as well that’s blackhat SEO and then link networks soany type of network where you go and you compensate and they put you on a entire bunch ofdifferent websites and link from those web sites to your website that’s alsoblackhat SEO and Google is taking those down all the time okay so we coveredmost of the linking stuff let’s get into some of the other type of blackhat SEOthings that are out there comment spam so if you are using a program toautomatically generate comments on other web sites or to automatically generatecomments on your own website any type of fake comment that’s helping you rankbetter in Google or hurting your adversaries and spawning them employ rankworse than Google through negative SEO is not allowed and that is black hat SEOsneaky redirects so if you have one page that’s position and then you’reredirecting someone else to another sheet that’s an example of pitch-black hat SEOas well trading makes for associates so that’s another thing that you can’t doso you can’t undoubtedly say here’s a make link to my website here’s somemoney link to my website that’s the same as buying things and connection Bay in switchso if you create a scholarship for example say you have a scholarship andyou’re a entire cluster of attaches in through thisscholarship because educational institutions are seeing the scholarshipthey hanker a link to it so that their students can limit the scholarship andthis is something you really can’t do anyways but say you do that and then youeventually 301 redirect that sheet to another page to get the links going toanother page that is also blackhat SEO in something you can’t do keywordstuffing putting too many keywords on a page is enough is something you can’t docloaking demo Google one sheet but then serving another hide content youcan’t hide material on a sheet that’s not allowedarticles spinning really creating articles and precisely creating pages so that theyrank in Google and they’re very thin material a good deal of beings will do thisthrough some type of PHP script there’s something called a Content matrix whereyou can create five versions of a section have dynamic study gyration itcreate doorway pages that rank in Google you’re not allowed to do that eitherscraped content stealing material from around the web serving that on your siteso that it gets ranked that’s also not allowed funny thing about that Googlewon’t allow you to do that for their Words of Service you can’t scrapecontent but yeah if you actually think about what Google does they scrapecontent to serve it in their search results and they’re doing that more andmore and more especially with the new knowledge panels Rich Snippets thingslike that and then even meta names and descriptions I mean that’s just scrapedcontent of course we are intending to do all this for Google because we want to get thattraffic right and it’s the biggest search engine in the world any Autogenerated content you’re not allowed to do and then bait-and-switch stuff wetalked a little bit about social media spam if you’re just getting thousandsand thousands of shares from other social areas that you’re buyingthat’s blackhat SEO and something you’re not allowed to do and then rich snippetmarkup spam so putting Rich Snippets on sheets so putting ingredients in the codethat are going to enhance your inventory inside of Google that’s not actuallyrelevant to that sheet that’s considered spam as well so that’s another thing youcan’t do it’s blackhat SEO any automated queries so if you’re usingsomething to generate fake traffic that’s sought for your company oryour keyword and then coming in and clicking on your website that’s calledan automated inquiry that’s nothing that you’re allowed to do within Google so noautomated inquiries and no negative SEO so if you really hate your competitoryou’re like I don’t like this guy or girlfriend and I’m gonna erect thousands oflow-quality links to his locate to get him fines and penalties to make it look like he wasdoing all this blackhat SEO stuff you cannot do that that’s consideredblackhat SEO if you’re doing blackhat SEO a negative SEO against yourcompetitor okay URL injection spam so sometimes whatyou’ll see happen is somebody will hack a site like WordPress and then they willinject attaches into sheets or they will hack sheets or they will create thousandsand thousands of pages and this is just done through a write and then whathappens is they articulated joins on those pages this happens a lot in spaces like viagracialis you know these these capsules right and these are notoriously kind of spammyareas for SEO so watching out for spoof spoof 2011 on and then domain squattingso if somebody goes and buys coca-cola and they won’t sell it to coca-cola andthey’re just possession onto it even though that’s their mark you’re notallowed to do that as well blackhat SEO these are all the thingsthat you cannot do now what do you do if you are being targeted by negative SEOor you’re being targeted by blackhat SEO from a negative perspective or you’vedone blackhat SEO and now you want to get your website back into a good placewell that’s a good question so all the links planning type of stuff that reallygoes through disavow folders that as far as going into Google search console youwant to repudiate attaches you want to block those ties-in you have to go in and removea lot of these relates so you’ll have to go backcan take them down there’s actually a implement called a remover which is reallygood for sending out masked messages and keeping track of how many tie-ups havebeen taken down and how many haven’t been you can send automated senses ina cycle to make those things down you’re gonna have to take down and andcancel any type of automated planneds any type of sponsors you have delete anyprofile relates and get get out of any association networks if you want to get out ofthat whole blackhat slope and have your website be glanced as a clean-living qualitywebsite inside of Google now these type of things too are gonna need to bedealt with so if you have done keyword cram you’re gonna have to reduce itif you’ve traded produces for ties you’re gonna have to go back and cleanthat up perhaps do a Rhian clusion request with Google if you’ve done cloaking orhitting content or malicious material you’re gonna have to clean-living all thosethings up if you have doorway sheets you’re gonna have to take them downyou’re gonna have to redirect them if you’ve done bait and switch you’re gonnahave to push that aged page live that was there we’re you’re gonna have to removethe pages exclusively in word of meeting if you’ve got URL injection spam if yourdomains been hacked you’re gonna have to check out the hacked sphere within Googleto find out what’s gone wrong and how you can fix it and there’s so much moreto significantly increased to negative SEO and blackhat SEO that I didn’t cover todayso that’s it for blackhat SEO if you have a comment make sure to leave oneI’d love to answer any of your questions on the topic it’s something that’s outthere something that’s still very real today if you liked this video make sureto like observe and subscribe and I’ll see you next time

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