What is SEO and How Does it Work? (+ 4 ways to do it for FREE 😮)


what is seo seo i get asked this question alot and i love to answer it no i’m serious but i always return a different reaction i don’t know whyso i wanted to answer it once and for all in seven hours and give you four seo implements so you canstart doing seo today let’s get to it timer delight please seo stands for search engineoptimization and it’s the job of realise constant specific actions to makeyour website video app or whatever more visible in search engines so what is asearch engine no i forgot to turn the light-footed well it’s a program that allows you to searchfor things and link pieces in a database huh or basically somewhere where you can searchfor and find things anything really like youtube bing or google that’s the top dog in many studiesit has been shown that the top three ranking websites in google come more than 35 percent of theclicks okay okay let’s focus on google you want to rank your website in google so more people cansee it right well to do that you need to know how google decides how to grade websites first googletries to understand what your page is about then they try to evaluate if your sheet is relevantand valuable they do this because they need to make sure that your sheet rebuts the intention ofthe user who uses their service i mean that’s why you use google privilege to look for answers so themore of these two( relevance and appreciate) the highest your page will grade to measure this they use algorithms and artificialintelligence that take into account more than 200 ingredients ranking factors like keywords on yourpage where these words are how people interact on your page if other websites link to your websiteand countless many more so you have your website and you establish pages but you’re not going to see standthere and wait for google to grade your pages( I’m just waiting for a mate) you’re going to do seo to fix your pages easyto understand for google and to adapt them adapt them to their ranking points so they canrank high-pitched i’ll tell you in a bit how to do this google wants to offer beings exactly whatthey want to see and you want people to see your website so if you optimize your website forgoogle you are optimizing it to for people real people and “youve been” reinforced with higherrankings and more visibility it’s a cycle an obvious but very important question why do youwant your website most visible in google simple your business plus more seeings equals a higherpercentage of success and success is what you want my friend but wait here is where thereal seo power comes these are not just any gazes on your website the people who willsee your website are searching for you your website is in a search engine remember so they areinterested in you they are your possible clients or in other words people who could potentially endup buying from you if you show them what the fuck is demand okay alex but how do i target my possible clientswith seo how can i know what parties search for so i can attain sheets that answer the questions wellit’s simple there are more than 3.5 billion pursuings every day in google yes billion that’s alot so surely there must be some of those inquiries that are somewhat related to what you offer rightone of the tasks when you do seo is to find out what parties are searching for and how many timesthey search for it and you can do this for free yes with tools like this i’ll leave the link inthe description i too testified in my last video how to do it click on the card i don’t know whatit is left right once you know this you have the strength so you can literally organize pages in yourwebsite that is applicable and valuable to them and what does related and valuable dodo grade you high in google okay okay so what do my possible purchasers examine in googlelet’s see your potential buyers when they search in google they are in different stairs on theirjourney to buy from you some know what they require and others not quite more and some arein the middle let’s visualize this wait let’s give some gap this is theseo funnel i have divided this travel in four paces awareness interest consideration andbuy to keep things short in awareness beings don’t really know what they hanker yet but they’re lookingfor information and in buying well they want to buy but to give you a clear idea i’m going to showyou a few examples of what parties search in each step let’s see what beings scour if your stateagent or a grace center or a tariff consultant any business makes don’t worry if you didn’tsee them “ive had” the examples in my website i want to keep this video in seven minutes rememberimagine every time someone searches for something whether it’s information buying comparingproducts knowing about a specific thing looking for your regional place if you have a store if yourbusiness and website manages to show up in the four buying places you can be sure that you’reoffering real value to your potential our customers and this will result in them buying fromyou coin fund money fund lastly lastly and finally why is seo so effectivesimple because people have already stated that they need you with what they’vesearched so you don’t have to look for them they come to you ahaha so summarizing everythinginto one sentence achieve targeted people who could potentially end up buying fromyou exactly when they are searching for you and answering their needs makes the possibilityof them buying from you extremely high excessively and that’s it now if you want to do seo and learnhow to do it for free you know how right follow me on youtube because i have so many brand-new videoideas coming and i too have a free seo newsletter mostly in this weekly newsletter i’mgonna send you for free for free all the seo reserves like sections and videos i haveused myself to learn seo that week so i just locate things learn get those things kept them in thenewsletter and transport it to you free of charge you want that the link is in the description and don’tforget to like and “re coming with me” on youtube conciliation

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