What Is SEO? What Is Search Engine Optimization? SEO Explained


what is SEO? and what does it do? hmmm … let’s take a look at an example prospect Mike is probing online for aservice that you volunteer he places the keyword into a searchengine like google, yahoo or bing and here are the results regrettably, your area is not there what does mike do next? yes, he goes toyour competitor’s website, which is on the search results and just like thatyou’ve lost a prospect who might have otherwise become your lifelong client so simply stated, if you lose your spot onthe search results there, you lose clients and you lose business well you might ask how can I have googleput my area up there? that is what SEO does. Search Engine Optimization, orSEO, is a process to get your site moving up the search engine causes. Studies are demonstrating that the first 3 develops get ninety percentage of the clickswhile fifty three percent of them go to the top answer so SEO can help you get more traffic on top of that SEO delivers moretargeted and prepared website visitors shortens your cost of online customeracquisition increases label awareness increasessales and so much better as more and more beings rely on theinternet search engines like google yahoo or bing, instead of yellow bookto find a service or product businesses cannot render to lose the battle onSEO. That is where we come in. We are experts on SEO. We can help you to getyour service or commodity in front of prospective buyers twenty four – seven. give us a call and find out how ourservice can germinate your business today.

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