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– And then he goes, “Do you have a punk? ” And I’m like, “What’s a punk? “( audience chuckling) And he lowered threeminutes on CryptoPunks, I had to run cause the family something and then that night, started a 45 -7 5 hour journey over a one week period where I destroyed everythingabout CryptoPunks and by Mid-January, I was of the view that I wasgonna buy a lot of them. You got your perspective.( upbeat music) I only wanna be happy, don’t you wanna be happy? – But what was it about CryptoPunks that sort of moved youwanna be so obsessive that you only jumped in? – At that site, because ofwhat I was already doing, I had felt we were close to the time. You know, my careerwinelibrary.com in’ 96, you know, what I didin social in’ 05,’ 06, my busines is what I’mdoing right now with VR, I watch from very far away and then when I thinkthey’re ready to jump in, in a year, in two years, in 18 months, in 9 months, when it’s on the pre-dawn ofthe moment, that’s when I jump.And I think that’s what I’m good at. – So you felt Decemberlast year was the pre-dawn. – Yes. I felt that 2021 wasgonna be a year of it. – And then you moved all in. -[ Gary] All in. – I have never seen anytechnology so rapidly adopted. – There’s a ground. There’s money and greed involved. And that’s- – But don’t you think it’s- that might be one? – That’s why it’s happening Jodee .( audience laughing) – But that’s okay if wecollectively understand it, right?( audience hearten) We have to understand that there’s amazing things going on now, but make there is now no jumble, 90% of the people currently in our gap, are in the business of daytrading NFT’s to make a bag. And that’s okay, but wehave to understand it. It’s also dangerous, wehave to understand it. This happened with internet capitals in’ 95. This is what happens, therewas something called gold, that’s what we did, itwas called the gold rush, like this happens. In the macro, this is the mostinteresting technology shift since the internet decided to go social. – I think there’s been pent-up demand rather than definitely greed to actually own your own content. And it may be that your friends are the ones who are theday buyers, but my friends-( audience laugh) I think there’s a broader society who really wants to seesomething about themselves in their NFT’s or collect.-[ Gary] A hundred percentage. A hundred percent. That’s why it’s gonna bephenomenal, it’s inventive, it’s bringing a great deal of usback to a inventive target that we gave up at 7, 9, 12, 13, there’s incredible nirvanas in this moment. The vigour I’m raising islet’s not be charlatans. I’m sitting at dinners and fulfills and watching gossips in tumults of we’re the anti-establishment, we’re this, we’re that. But then what they’re really saying is I’m gonna mint this and flip it. And so what we have tobe collectively aware of is if we don’t go through thismoment with eyes wide open- Let me tell you how this always plays out when we don’t go in with eyes wide open, it becomes oversaturated, it becomes too … The communications around money, there’s tons of communication around artistry, there’s even moreconversation around the money.And money scares me becausepeople realize bad decisions. -[ Jodee] Yeah, it scares me extremely. – And I’m watching … The thing I do for a living is I watch. You know, I talk a great deal so I disorient people cause it ever seems like I’mtalking, begin I talk a good deal and I pump out a lot of content, but the reality is 90% of my period is watching and I’m watching, andpeople are very clever and some people are not clever, but it all is going around the same thing. This reminded us of a lot ofWeb 2 on the great things, take control of our own, all this stuff, you are familiar with, Web 2 startedoff particularly nirvana extremely. -[ Jodee] Yeah – But give there be- -[ Jodee] But it didn’t work out that nature. -[ Gary] Of track it did. I love how everyone’s likesocial media’s so bad. I’m like, you mean youliked the alternative of mainstream media? You want the mediacommunication infrastructure that led to the most fascism, tyranny, and wars.Let’s not come embarrassed right now, I understand the currentconversation is to raz social, but this concept that the media that used to be controlled by4 9 beings was so much better, I think we’re a littlebit lacking thoughtfulness to the conversation. – Well, let me set itdifferently though which is; we have, as consumers, wehave climbed on numerous veers, microcomputers, apple, numerous symbols, portable telephony, Nokia, Blackberry, and then more recently social networks, Facebook, Twitter, Google, and every time as consumerswe’ve jumped in with both paw, someone else has ended upcontrolling what we’re doing.What I been fucking loving where we are now, apart from the money-making part- -[ Gary] It’s not true. – Is if it’s actually decentralized. – It’s not decentralized. -[ Jodee] I think it is. – No, it’s really not, let’s talk about why. The technology’s decentralized. Is anybody watching what’s going on. The humen become the centralization. – But that moves, becausethe centralization is moving because the technology allowsthe centralization to move.- Until we take accountabilityfor our own actions, the authorities concerned will blame platforms and parties.( public shouting and saluting) Guys, damsels, this is animportant conversation. Everyone’s like, this isawesome, it’s decentralization. I spent 13 hours detecting an master appointed Sarah in Texas that I like, and precisely literally say, oh, I like this art, and then I get 400 DM’s saying, you’re the centralizationnow you motherfucker.( audience tittering) Okay, like this thought- The biggest matter that leads to unhappinessand distres in society is the decision thatsomebody else dominates you. Like, what are you gonna accused when it becomes decentralized? Other humans? Something else? Like, what are you gonna blame? Like, it’s fascinating. Like, you are familiar with, you were there.Social was competingagainst Rupert Murdoch and three old grey busters that seen all our thoughts. Social. Now it’s like this fuckingalgorithm obliges me a racist. Fuck you! You’re a prejudiced.( audience applauding and applauding) Facebook impelled zero people prejudiced. Facebook uncovered the prejudiced.( public applauding and applauding) So I’m not confused whatthe current conference is. I’m very happy that everyone’sexcited to blame Twitter and Facebook and I’ll behere in 10 times sitting here and you’ll be blamingcentralization granted humans to have too much control. Because they’re blaming Elon, Jodee. -[ Jodee] Say that again. -[ Gary] They’re blaming Elon. – No , no one would blame Elon. -[ Gary] Of direction, they’re blaming Elon.- Pumped it up, gushed it down. Guys, you know what’s decentralized? When you have enough self-esteemto think for yourself.( gathering clap and applauding) That’s decentralized. This is gonna play out unusually, very simply. It’s going to becomedecentralized engineering. Authorities are gonnafight for centralization. – I think you’ve sort ofmanipulated the arguing.( gathering chortling) I mull where we were goingwas the appreciate formation in social networks is centralized and the appreciate formation in theNFT space is decentralized.- It precisely wasn’t. This thought that Facebook Inc and Twitter and everybody else got all the value. What about the 8 trillionfucking influencers that had no audience, thatpaid nothing to get attention in return and perform millionsand millions of dollars. What about that, Jodee?( audience laughing) Like this thought that theykept all the economics, like it’s absurd.It’s real. – Oh, you’re talking aboutthe influencers on social who make money out ofhaving lots of followers. – You mean the people thatpaid nothing for the attention in a macrocosm where you pay for attention? Yes, I’m talking about that. It’s a very important conversation. – It’s a great conversation. – Right, cause pre socialmedia, if you craved attending, I did this for my dad’s business. I had to pay $ 80,000 to anewspaper to get a full-page ad. Then I just made a YouTube video. Like there’s a sell there. – Don’t you think oneof the craziest things in the history of marketingis that CMO’s of brands pay to have parties followtheir Facebook page and then they paid Facebook? – CMO’s of labels ofbig companies don’t know what’s going on in the realityof the current marketplace.- But I speculate the CMO’s ofbrands now have an opportunity to have their own NFTmarketplaces with their own followers. – As they should. And I can’t wait for it. – They’re on their own programmes. Not deep inside Facebook- – Jodee, I can’t wait. I’m here for it. – I love your work. – I love you too. Like I’m here for it. I mull the intensity I’mbringing this morning is let’s have 360 conversations. Like 360 communications are healthful. Here’s a good one in the NFT land. The community’s gonna drive it. Let’s talk about that. -[ Jodee] This is thecommunity by the way. – This is a great community.- This is a community.- Let’s talk about what’shappening in our gap. Let’s go into the details. Gary, such projects, you know, this porcupine with fucking, a as snout, right? This project’s gonna worknot because of the founders, but because of the communities. So I sit and think about that, right? So Jodee, do you know howmany Bulls, Chicago Bulls devotees there were in my NewJersey high school in 1992? – Say that again, what? -[ Gary] How countless, Iknow you’re an Aussie. How many– I’m not, I’m a New Yorker! -[ Gary] I know you’re a New Yorker. – I told you I was a New Yorker. – You’re for 40 seconds. Jodee, listen.( audience laughing) How numerous Chicago Bulls love are available on my New Jersey high school in 1992? – Tell me. -[ Gary] Half the fucking school. – Wow. – Because Michael Jordan wasdoing his thing and everybody in the community was wearing Bull swag. How countless Policemen followers are in my high school, in New Jersey right now Jodee? Zero. The parish is all for it because their money’s tied up in it.But if the founder’s of such projects can’t navigate it to success, the supporters aren’t gonnashow up to the stadium. We have to be very thoughtful about this. There’s just a lot of things happen … Listen Jodee, you werethere in’ 05,’ 06,’ 07 when I was coming up. – Yeah, we both joinedTwitter the same month. -[ Gary] That’s right. You recall, like thatthere was all those convos and I believe the reasonI get to be here today is cause I’ve steered those1 five years a specific way. And for me, when I sit, my obligation, when I doan interrogation like this, is I’m gonna give everybodyhere my best stuff, they’re gonna do whateverthey can do with it. I could be wrong, I’ve been wrong before, I could be right.But what I’m watching iswhat I ensure in’ 06 and’ 07 which is the conversation’sone dimensional. And if you peel the stratum off, an disastrou quantity of it is really about short-term financials. And I think that for us to achieve what we all probably subconsciouslyand consciously want, we need to level up the convoof what’s happening here and there’s a good deal happeninghere and a lot of good, but we also have to watch out for some of the things that are brewing. – So only zooming out to 35,000 feet, what industries do youthink are gonna be disrupted by NFT’s over the next 12 months? – Over the next 12 months? I symbolize, to be Frank, Idon’t really think about it in that words, I’ll tell you why.If you told me that questionin 1995, about the internet, I wouldn’t have knownthat Jeff Bezos’ expertise was gonna be deployed against bookstores. I wouldn’t have known that, right? I wouldn’t have known that some guy, whose spouse was a Pez collector, was gonna build E-bay. But I knew in 1995, if I wassitting here as a 20 year old-time, I would have said all of them. And that’s what I felt about social and that’s what I know ishappening right here, right now. Every business is gonna be affected by what we’re talking about right now, I just don’t know what gal in Tennessee has an idea right now andis gonna start something that’s gonna go after this or what being in, you are familiar with, Harlem is gonna go after transportation, but what I can tell you isthere won’t be an industry not addressed, feigned, deepened, impacted by the infrastructureof decentralized servers with a platform, whetherit’s SOL or Cardano, or ETH, with apps being builton top of it at flake, it’s gonna fucking change the world and it’s gonna changeit in a big fucking way .( public heartening and praising) – Well, I’d like to say thank you to you on behalf of the community, because countless people say to mefrom outside this community, why have NFT’s been so successful? And I say three things to them. One, one of the smartest market planneds, safaruss I’ve ever seen for $69 million, everyone inthe world was talking about the sale of the Beeple artwork. That was amazing.- That was the moment. That’s one, that’s one. People staying at home use Clubhouse because Clubhouse was .. And not in this order, by the way. And then the last thing is you. Because you have done somuch for this community in being so passionate about it. So large-scale thank you.( public clap and saluting) – That’s very nice. Everybody, it’s really why I wanna talk. You know, it’s funny, I’m an inventor, I’m a businessman. I wanna go to a garagesale and buy something for a dollar or for$ 5, it doesn’t mean I don’t understand what’s happening in the macro that I want everybody tobe more astute about.And more importantly, thething we have to watch out for is the hypocrisy. The bigger possibility is theway we’re talking about it, but then actually it’s about, can I turn this for 5x, right? Like we have to be veryconscious about this because here’s what’s likely is going to happen if we are still this acces. If we are still this path, thenwhat’s gonna really happen is we’re gonna have a big slam cause there’s too muchsupply, demand won’t catch up. People are moving around parishes, I’m incredibly worriedabout parties gambling fund they can’t yield. You know, if you look at Wall Street, when people bet money they can’t yield and they lose it all, it leads to suicide. Is our room ready forsomebody to commit suicide cause they got a rug-pull, right? Like there’s a great deal here.- See, I’m really surprised how much you’re focusingon the flipping persona, because I encounter so many peoplein the broader community who, you know, theywanna have a CryptoPunk because they mightthink it looks like them or their spouse or someone. In fact, we have someonetalking later today about that. And it’s tribal, it’s tribal. I don’t think it’s justabout the flipping. – Listen, I was informed that. And again, you know, whatI’m trying to do here in the limited time, is bring a conversation to the forefront that I reckon could lend, because I’m buying everythingthat I think we’re all buying, there’s so much, you are familiar with, there’s so much excitement.I don’t think that numerous people are buying a $ 500,000 CryptoPunkcause it looks like them.( audience laughing) -[ Jodee] Well, wait tilyou examine who said that. Wait till you examine the who. It’s someone talking todayabout why they did that. – But I make, do you know what I signify? – Well, but CryptoPunkwas a placeholder for prowes, you are familiar with, for things, for collects. – Look, now thegreatest thing that has happened to the independent artists in a long time and I’m fucking here forit cause I affection all of you.( gathering applauding) – Amen, amen, – One. Two, there is just the thingI adoration about’ 06 -‘ 09, the friendships thatyou’re all about to move with each other, like, delight, please, please, please, whenever there’s, I don’t know what theprogramming was like here, but if you go out for a few minutes, delight, some people are moreintroverted, I get that.But for beings that are alittle bit more introverted things of that mood, this is exactly thecommunity at this moment where everybody is as excited for you to come and say hello to them as “theyre trying to” you. This is literally your bestfriend, your business partner, individual you might marry isliterally sitting in now right now .( audience laughable) And I know this cause I sawit in the last two curves. Please push yourself tosay hello to a stranger when you guys have ends, satisfy. -[ Jodee] Totally, altogether, thoroughly.( audience cheering and acclaiming) – YouTube watcher, what’s up, it’s Gary V.First of all, thank you so much, I hope you’re doing superwell during these epoches. I also wanna ask you, please subscribe because my commitment andexploration of YouTube is about to explode; narratives, ballots, more content, more engagement, moresurprise, and rejoiced. This is the time to subscribe. I hope you consider itand I hope I see you soon ..

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