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hey guys welcome back to crypto maniac so some of you may once be aware but the nok boys announced their full blasphemy nft job on tuesday january 18 th 2022 rather than being an actual nft it’s basically a meta card or if wishes to say a metaverse poster so it capacities as a virtual membership card proprietors can be utilized to get into digital rooms as well as future real world openings very when i say openings i make like special events i’ll talk about some of these events later on in the video but right now i think the meta poster nft will grow exponentially with all the normies fomoing into crypto nfts right now so today i’m going to break down whether it’s too late to own one of these meta placards the benefits are the perks worth noting and how to actually make money with these meta placards so smacked that like button turn on the berth notifications and let’s get into it guys the meta poster campaign comings the nft room in a very smart way and this actually reaped me to the project with the noke both boys and the fulson squad did was focus on real-life use occurrences rather than precisely creating another pfp don’t get me wrong pfp nfts can reach you insane sums of coin and i think this is what shaped the whole nft project become mainstream but the main problem i always had with pfp nfts was let’s say you buy that crypto punk pfp for 100 k then what some may bicker it’s an investment but that’s where the real problem lies the facade of nfts being an investment have opened the door to all sorts of victimizes and to combat this the only solution i see is to force private developers to actually find use occasions for their nfts it would be a case where if your nft doesn’t have a real use case then parties won’t buy it they’re still going to be scams but it’d be easier to sort through what nft is worthwhile and which ones are not well the nelk both boys and the full blasphemy unit have taken the initiative and in my opinion they are the face of nfts with usage specimen chaps the nuke boyz full sim meta card is basically early be made available to expansion of the full sim symbol into the metaverse plus firebrand adventures including masterpieces carnivals casinoes etc in my view this nft collection is currently the biggest player in the nft infinite built on the ethereum blockchain with a limited supply of ten thousand mfts fulson’s goal is to launch more full sim brand escapades which they’ve already been very active in getting started fulson is going international in add-on they are projected to make these adventures of commodities in physical locales and will propel them into the metaverse this will include full-scene clothe virtual collects virtual commemorations metaverse casinos and full-sin nft log craftsman such lists will be pursued to grow and owning a full cinematic poster can be used to get into early on what is the opening up of a long passage of fulson label the full blasphemy metacart nft mint toll was. 75 eth however the current floor rate of the full sand nft is over 1 eth the fell was clearly most seen as milk sold out of their metacard nfts in 10 minutes raking in 23 million dollars in the time it may be necessary to emptied a dishwasher some reasoned on chatter that the high-pitched pile expenditure of the full sim meta card entity means that some nilk love were unable to afford them but at the end they still sold out in 10 minutes so that clearly says something chaps currently there are around 7k proprietors of 10k placards signifying a lot of people got two or more meta cards those in possession of more than one may well be buying into the nft space as a monetary financing instead than for the access of fulson’s future digital parlour seats additionally to demonstrated how hyped this cease was kneeling founder kyle forgird told his chirp admirers on the morning of january 18 th that almost 160 000 people had assembled the group’s tumult server since the three men people so i’ve mentioned that the full sim unit have been very proactive so far so let’s look at the moves that fulson’s team ought to have reaching number 1 the team is partnering with commemorate mastrov founder of 24 hour fitness crunch and ufc gyms to build full transmit gems and membership will be free to owners number two on january 27 2022 fulson announced an nft collab with alien friends exclusive to meta placard owners i made some coin from that i’ll talk about how i did that next count three also in january the fulson team announced that justin bieber bought his very own cyber red meta card these are just some of the moves that the fulson crew is moving they’re doing a lot more behind the scenes like fill up with placard incumbents hosting contests exclusive to meta placard purchasers and a lot more so why should you own at least two meta placards well guys i believe in the full sim firebrand and that automatically results me to believe in the meta posters the nilk boys are geniuses at what they’ve done with the full sim brand so far such as their full blasphemy label doing 70 million per year in receipt existing joyful pa alcoholic seltzer in millions of supermarkets around the usa youtube channel with over 7 million followers crazed cult-like following of a younger college located public aka the person or persons buying nfts the team is close with gary vee and recently had him on their podcast closely linked to dana white-hot who runs the ufc clearly long-term vision this is a 5-10 year activity at the ground floor they fostered 30 million from their metacart mft collection which in my view attains this too big to disappoint they either make it task or their part symbol is at stake my gambling and projection for the meta placards the noke boys have seized popularity to continue to grow their youtube channel and make it bigger and with the people having segue that they’re labelled to fulson and successfully selling merchandise and extending a wildly favourite instagram page such projects simply seems to be going up from here with that i bought two nfts at 0.9 eth and am propping on for the foreseeable future this is a multi-year play for me and i plan to set and forget this position since then i’ve seen a plus 55 gain on my metacard alongside prevailing the friends aliens raffle and being able to mint one of the nfts that now has a flooring of four thousand dollars and guys this cost me zero dollars all because i’m give on to a meta poster and i’m sure there are going to be a lot of other free times like this so right now we assure other benefits of owning a meta placard guys if the nut boy success still further is a mansion of what we can expect to see with the meta poster the sky is the limit they have a keen eye for what people want and since they’ve been running with the theory that nfts are the future you are eligible to guarantee they’re gonna make sure that the nft job is the best on the market i’ll keep you guys providing information on such projects and thanks for building it to the end of the video remember to turn on the upright notifications explain full mail if you constituted it this far in the video and i’ll see you in the next one

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