WordPress Tutorial 8 – Search Engine Optimisation 2


okay so this is optimizing your website for search engines video very and we’re just going to have a look at the all in one SEO pack and the robots meta which you can upload through the plugins which I registered in the earlier plugins videos so what you’ll ascertain is that these will now appear under places you’ve got all in one SEO and rubber matting robots meta over there on the left so if we click on the all-in-one SEO and it takes us to a sheet which is something we gave some content on in an earlier video but mostly you want to click on enabled you want to put in a home entitle a dwelling description so wishes to articulated a couple of decisions in now with the description and your keyword so this one does the home page but then what you’ll find is on every other page that you want to optimize it will actually have this same information that you can fill in so it’s really time those those three boxes that I rile with and if we now go to the brand-new sheet that we created which is the school videos and what we’ll discovery is at the bottom of the page again it got the same thing so ideally what you want to put in here again is the same as the words that are really important to you and i will too do another video on how to actually find the very best texts for your website and now in the in the deed here what you want to do is applied clas videos and then whatever it is that you introduced for the home page which I think was like online cinema academy what we can do is if I have a “ve been looking for” the actual website and fresh that you want to find out what the entitle tag is for a particular page where the school video is page left clink over the pitch-black in the backspace multitude blacknes opening position page source okay so you see that the title there that with entitlement call that we’ve got there is academy videos online cinema academy so if you want to really duplicate that you’re back to where we were put that in there I must go save this gonna keep it in there so yeah so then what you would do is where it says description writes something about what’s important about the school videos and this is usually a couple of sentences and that’s what will appear in Google so in the name you’ll have school videos online movie school and in the description you’ll have which is would it be the second part that appears on Google so time to give you an example of that I’ve typed academy videos into google and you can sit so this part now that’s in blue is what will come up as the designation and then whatever you put in the description will come up here so you can see that wishes to made the most important stuff in the first little bit because it there’s not that numerous statements that you actually see on the lean you want to change the part that’s where it says online film institution to something else then what you need to do is go back into the gives into the general settles and where it says online film academy now that’s where you can set all sorts of other things the issue with the standard template is that whatever you write in here is what will actually appear up there so if you framed bunches and lots of words in that’s what will appear

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