Yoast SEO erkennt Text vom BeTheme Muffin Builder nicht – Lösung


Welcome to this first tutorial from fortypixel today we will deal with the plug-in. Jost seo for wordpress And there are the muffin photographs of b unit now A problem in which parties ask what they do about it. Can. And that is the following error message The text section is shown here with 0 utterances though Make depicts enough food is available now you are eligible to. Likewise see that they, text anywhere in there but. Nevertheless, it indicated that we no, text therefore the sons can analyze And this will also impart supportive tips-off from guys what we can do even better for our SEO optimization It is like that by default.Jost that from the web editor predicts then we now, for example now, sometimes. Hello write then, we see below This one too now. A word was found that symbolizes here with adios No difficulty with other sheet illustrates such as, for example, the visual composer or even for prepaid word-paintings we are now called Had it very. No question Since “whos working” perfectly with the. Reading. Analyze only on page videos like now the monkey photographs of the b-team or maybe also Other, sheet portraits can merely to this problematic. Come If you have any other page scenes. Knows the exact same problem then, write ages and in the comments I do it now days on the precedent of the ape slides We can do something like that But the developers of the b-team have integrated this button here images seo if we click on it Do we need this content here too Again with ok, support and now the verse from the mass paintings is here imitation in standard wordpress writer if , now we have, click on update Could so theoretically now that jungs seo plugin our text.Reading. And we command that, too Now we attend previously That the meaning is now gone down in the light-green province The verse contains 82 utterances accurately. So now we still have A problem that we have to take into account now is our content from the world press standard writer loaded but likewise From the pictures but we want the Content not even two, sometimes on our slope so we have to do here below requires that still times this this function activate here There is also that one the.Content of the web editor hides if, one has sounded on then you should Still, let’s update. And then you have on the side only once Content of ape characterizations and at the same time the content of wordpress standard journalist is analyzed by jost so So there are only two simple clinks and the problem is solved like the other squads And preparing homepage envisions is another. History but as I said below in the comments again if other sheet peter Kent also has this trouble. Appearance if You liked the video and facilitated further moment, a thumb after. Up there or write in the Comments which one better. Can do whatever it is you liked. And then we’ll see you at the next video.

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