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when it comes to YouTube SEO backlinks are essential to getting traffic and making auctions since they are help you to rank your video on the first page of YouTube and Google but what does this diagram on the screen have to do with you ranking your YouTube video on the first sheets of YouTube and Google and can this YouTube SEO backlink generator and software really establish YouTube send you traffic for any niche and stir you more coin from your videos in precisely 30 seconds of work well I’m gonna want to boat for those questions in today’s video but first I’m gonna reveal you five three highways you can use Google to generate powerful backlinks that grade your videos faster okay so the first thing you want to do is head over to Google and hey my friend Ben Martin now aka the prince of email and welcome to my youtube canal earnings and paradise now on this direct I oblige videos that reveal you how to make a real income from home the right way and how you can build your email listing for free abusing YouTube now if this is your first time here or for some crazy reason you didn’t do so already go ahead right now and propagandize the subscribe button and once you do smacked the notification barroom that will appear next to it that way you’re gonna get updated every time I liberate a brand new video to this channel a lot of people are confused by what a backlink actually is so I want to give you an explanation that was once given to me to help you perfectly understand so when you create a brand new video this is your video right here it’s swim around in this ocean called a YouTube youtubers like this big ocean that your brand-new video hovers around them and nothing truly knows it’s there and they have no way of Achievement because you’ve got beings now all over the world and in between them and your content is this ocean announced YouTube that they have no way at all of crossing so mostly what a backlink does is a backlink builds a aqueduct if he likes if we if we select a line a backlink builds a connection between and we just color we’ll exactly color this argument and pitch-black and make it nice and thick so backlink develops a link between parties out there who are searching for stuff and your YouTube video it is therefore improves a bridge over this ocean that is YouTube that people can cross to access your content a backlink when you when you make a backlink it’s like saying to Google hey I made this new video that’s about how to boil an egg and when people type in how to steam an egg into YouTube I want you to show them my video that’s what you’re doing when you create a backlink so in effect every backlink you develops is gonna help more and more parties to be able to find your video because you’re giving more and more parties a course to access your video and that is the easiest most tech free path of understanding what a backlink does it pictures Google that you appointed a brand-new case of content in this case a video so they can then show it to people searching for the keywords related to your video thus they’re able to cross this ocean and find your video readily now when it comes to creating backlinks that get you graded on the first page of YouTube quickly it’s important to understand that google compassions Google in other words and time you can create a backlink employing one of Google’s own belongings it’s gonna give you a quick and immediate boost of the positions and that is because Google owns YouTube therefore they show preference to videos that use a Google property to create a backlink so what I’m gonna do right now is show you five strong lanes I use Google’s own assets to create some initial backlinks to my YouTube videos so you’re gonna want to come over to Google and you’re gonna click on these little squares now this little icon and you’re gonna go into Google Drive this is really ninja not many beings do this or coach this but this this is really really ninja I literally do on every video I bring out so once inside Google Drive you’re gonna go to new and you’re gonna create a Google Doc and with the Google Doc you’ll see that it says untitled documents and you’re mostly gonna announce this document the keyword you are trying to rank for now now I’m just giving you an example so I’m just gonna call this document welcome to profits in paradise so I’m just gonna call my document that then as a demo I’m gonna go over to one of my videos and basically what you want to do is once you’ve written the description of your video you want to make these definitions and you want to imitate and paste it onto your Google Doc so you’re gonna imitation and adhesive it into the Google Doc then you’re going to get the watch connection for your YouTube video now you can’t see it because it’s just off the screen but your watch connect is mostly the URL at the top of your screen and you’re gonna get your watch link you’ll see what this looks a lot like in just a second you’re gonna get your watch link and I’m just gonna pay I’m just gonna adhesive it here so you can see what it would look like so your watch link exactly looks like watch and then all these digits and notes after what you want to do with your watch associate is let’s say your the keyword you were trying to work rank for was creation from home somewhere in the YouTube description you wrote you would like use that keyword in the description now if you don’t know what I’m on about you want to go check out the other videos on my channel in regards to YouTube SEO where I talk more about this but let’s say in this example my keyword is welcome to profits in Paradise what I want to do is I just wanted to hyperlink that using my youtube watch relate and I want to click apply and what I might do somewhere else in the document is welcome to profits in Paradise I then want to get the share link so the share link to this video I’m gonna copy that and I’m gonna go back over to the Google Doc I’m gonna hyperlink it with the share link too so we’re gonna paste our share relate in there and we’re gonna apply that and then what we would do is we would go to file and we’re gonna publish this Google Doc to the web you’re gonna press ok and you want to grab this attach that you get now and you want to glue this on a notepad so I’m just gonna impel some more space you want to paste it on a notepad because you’re going to use that connect subsequently so that’s mostly backlink quantity 1 creates it so what you’re gonna do next is you’re gonna go back into Google Drive and if we press refresh you’ll see that that document is being created but you’re gonna press new again and then you’re gonna go to Google slides and you’re basically echoing the same thing with Google moves so you’re gonna call the documents or the Google slides whatever your keyword is welcome to profits in Paradise as this speciman and the first thing we’re gonna do is we’re gonna delete this substance here and we’re gonna press insert and for implant we’re gonna adopt video and we’re gonna insert our share tie-up into the box now and then it’s gonna find our video and we’re gonna click on it and then we’re gonna press select now that’s gonna embed your video on to this Google slide but what I like to do again is I like to grab the watch tie now the watch attach is just the URL to the video in the search bar that’s just off the screen but I’m gonna give that watch relation and I’m going to go back to the document and I’m gonna insert a verse carton and in the verse casket I’m gonna adhesive a watch relate and we are just gonna hyperlink the watch link to we’re gonna gonna apply it and not that it makes any difference but I’m just gonna i’m gonna bold it and i ordinarily just like to make it a little a little bigger and then you can leave it where it is but I’m a bit of OCD so I only is moving forward up and then we’re gonna go to file we’re going to go publish to the web you can see this is this is like simply it’s basically the same stuff it’s really simple it’s strong and it’s 5-3 backlinks it’s instant backlinks to your videos and then we’re gonna press publish press ok and we are only developed our second backlink so we’re gonna photocopy that attach they utter us which is important and we’re gonna paste it onto the notepad with that first attach well then close this and we’re going back to Google Drive and I’ll thumped refresh you can see it’s established that document now and I’m gonna press new so we’ve created a battling with Google Docs we’ve done Google slides we’re now gonna go to something announced Google Forms and again you’re gonna precisely use your keyword for the name of the form and this is just an example remember welcome to profits in Paradise doesn’t it doesn’t even really matter if I spell anything wrong because it’s just an example and then for your way description you’re going to okay you’re just gonna grasp your sketch for now underneath your video let’s just say this was the specific characteristics again you’d give your full description but I’m just giving you an example and we’re gonna paste the description in there right and basically what we’re gonna do here once you’ve pasted your category in white-hot says untitled question file let’s not do that we won’t do an designation question we’re gonna click on add video sorry my psyche really disappeared space for a second and what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna grab the share relation gonna follow the share link and we’re gonna paste it into this box I’m gonna press this highlight it select and then for the video entitlement now time be your keywords can’t talk and spa and then you’re gonna really send to that video and all you’re gonna do is click send here and you’re gonna highlight this you can click on this and you’re gonna shorten the URL you’re gonna copy that URL and glue it onto the notepad with your other joins so if we come back over here and I reached refresh you can now see that that’s developed that so we’ve done three out of the five backlinks simple right but very powerful so we’re gonna go back in I’m gonna smack brand-new we’re gonna turn two more and we’re gonna go to Google derives and it’s mostly excuse me that’s a Google picker not me speaking so it’s mostly the same thing again if this was your keyword it would go there and then for this you’re gonna just go insert and what you should have done is when you basically create a YouTube video you should have created a custom thumbnail to mostly clear your video stand out in the YouTube like search right and when you save your thumbnail it should be saved squandering your keyword so I’m just gonna pretend let’s just impersonate right this was the keyword I wanted to write for Pinterest for business again I’m just giving you an example you would you are able to I want to see something though because you might have just missed that so let me do it again if my keyword was pink how to use Pinterest for business “youre seeing” I saved this image using the keyword and what would you would do is if if this was the related video you could mimic that link and you click on the return boundary and then you time click implant associate you paste a relate into this box here made apply then you go to file again “youre seeing” repetition right it’s the same finger not almost all these and then you publish to the web press okay you grab this join now and you glue it to your notepad with your other ties you close out reports you go back over to Drive you reached new going to see more so we’ve done the forms you’ve done the drawer and the last one we’re gonna do the fifth backlink as Google Sites so on Google Sites somewhat somewhat different but what you’re gonna do is you’re just gonna use whatever your keyword is this is an example you’re gonna put your keyword as the name and your sheet deed is also gonna be your keyword it doesn’t matter too much about neatness but then over on the right here we’re gonna going to see YouTube we’re gonna insert a video so we’re gonna click share and apparently this is the video you’re trying to grade just gonna click share and you’re going to search gonna select the video press select and you’ll see that this is embedded you might want to drag it to the middle and then what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna lent in a description so check the text box and then you would grab the description underneath your video you know again this is just an example said that a million times well I know if somebody be like well you’re not grabbing the entire category no cuz I’m just register you swiftly as an example and what I would do is take the time to merely space this out and make it as intelligible as you can and let’s say let’s say now you would you’re happy with this all you’re gonna do is you’re gonna click publish and you make sure that the web address is your keyword or as close to your keyword as it can be and then what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna you require this here you want to take this it’s a little bit embarrassing to copy sometimes but you just wanted to mimic it and then you want to made publish and you want to place that on your notepad and it ever makes that second part underneath so merely bring it back up and mostly you exactly generated five backlinks but there’s one more thing you just wanted to do cuz now you want to ping those backlinks but you also want to ping your video share attach so you want to grab the share link to your video duplicate it and you want to come to this notepad again and you want to glue it answer there and now you’re gonna copy all of those tie-ups and you’re gonna go to a free area announced ping raise comm P ing FA are em calm now what is pinging pinging is just a simple way of saying to Google hey I time generated a piece of content I want you to index this and I’m just I’m just letting you know that this material exists so that whatever this content is pointing towards you can help to rank it faster so in other words you’re taking the links to all the documents you only has established and you’re take your YouTube video share attach and recollect all these documents point towards your video and you’re saying to Google hey I’ve attained these documents that point towards my video now I want you to rank them and what you would do is you would also write your any keywords and tags in this description in this box here so you go welcome to profits in paradise let’s say you had a keyword or category which was money online whatever right you’re gonna scroll down then you’re gonna check every box these cartons are all chat but you need to check these two and then you’re just gonna ten-strike mass pings now I’m not gonna do this because it’s an example but once you sounds mass ping at the priorities in the screen it’ll present you all the Ling’s you just relates you only pinged it’ll say penny cent cent Center all your relates and then you’re literally done you simply made five powerful backlinks on Google for free and you pinged and indexed until tell Google know you’ve done that so that your video can start ranking even faster on that first page so you now know five targets you can use to create backlinks to your videos squandering Google qualities and there are many many other ways of creating manual backlinks to your YouTube videos however two big problems with what I really associate myself with you number one if you were to go out and you were to create let’s say 10 15 20 plus backlinks manually for your videos it would take a lot of era each day and number two you will not get to firstly recognise exactly by doing what I shared with you that is unless you are ranking for keywords that have barely any examination publication at all so if you want to rank at the awfully top or above the bend then what do you do you know if you don’t want to spend all day doing this what do you do well let me show you exactly what I used to rapidity this up and to get even more backlinks on 98% autopilot visualize I have a secret weapon that I use that creates not only backlinks for my videos but it also inserts my videos and originates bookmarks and all kinds of things that you need to do to procreate your video around while this software does it on autopilot in the click of a few cases buttons and it literally makes 30 seconds to two minutes max to use this and what this software I will do is it will send you free traffic no matter what niche you in and it will help you make money from your videos and they say in just 30 seconds but like I say it may take you two or three minutes max but if you get really good at it you can do it really really really quickly so with my I am arrange show right I want to show you some of the features so you’re gonna like implement this to give your videos 50 plus network 2.0 and couches and associates so this syndicator tool it’s going to embed your YouTube video in 50 different places now video inserts are big they’re they’re a huge signal to YouTube and Google that they should rank your video at the top of that first page you’re gonna get 15 Plus Facebook shares you’re gonna get 15 plus Twitter tweets including your video being embedded on Twitter they’re gonna create a PBM blog post that you can edit any time you crave they’ve got their own pbn structure going on they’re gonna give you additional social bookmarks they’re gonna give you LinkedIn shares you’re gonna get faster indexing on Google and this works for videos in any language all of these things here if you don’t understand the technicalities of it just know that all of these things here are crucial to you grading your video on the first page of YouTube and Google without doing this stuff you will not be able to rank on the first page and of course you can do it manually but just imagine how long it would take “youre going to” do manually what this instrument can mostly do for you in two to three minutes and yes I use this tool every single day on every single video that I put out there so my am lieu indicator syndicates your videos and submits it in all those different places there’s testimonies on the page that you can read there’s proof on the page and also if I only scroll down look it’s illustrate you what you can use it for it gives you all the various employs if we go down there actually did used to be a demonstration oh there is still a demonstration video on the sheet so they they demonstrate you a demo of this and action but like the page says it’s gonna i know this is gonna save you occasion it’s gonna save your MIT money it’s gonna rank your videos and it’s also gonna oblige you money because if your videos grade then certainly that’s how you make money beings have to be able to find what you’re selling in your videos in order for you to make money now you might be wondering well what does this cost well actually only expense $19 ninety-nine a few months and you can pick it up for a month and if it doesn’t do and make exactly as I am describing you are able to literally just cancel with no further blames but I’ve actually been using this since about 2016 2017 and I keep using it because it gets me decisions so what I want to do right now is rather than just talking to you about this I actually want to show you inside the back office of my I am residence benchmark and I want to show you how immediate it feels like to basically get this creating backlinks and embeds for you so you can start grading your videos okay this is super super easy to use so what you would do is once you’re inside you’ve got this section now add brand-new post and of course there are teaches on how to use this there’s only one grooming video though because it’s that easy to use but what you do is for the title you make your main keyword which for this video of mine as two examples is earn thousands online and then you just take another one of the keywords you’re trying to grade for so like a secondary keyword which was made tens of thousands of dollars online make tens of thousands of dollars online and then you go and you press a share button you grab your video embed system so you emulate this you made to ensure that your in textbook mode now and you glue your embed code there now underneath what we’re gonna do is we’re also going to grab this watch link to our video which is it the most top of your YouTube screen and you’re gonna paste a watch association underneath and then you’re gonna highlight this and you’re gonna click on tie-up and you’re gonna click Add link then what you’re gonna do is down here in this box and knowledge what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna grab all of the calls to my video I’m just gonna scroll down and I’m gonna grasp all the calls to my video and I’m gonna go over to now and in the keywords box what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna paste your calls in there but what you want to do right if I just take this all the way to the beginning you want to make sure that at the beginning of all your keywords in this box that you want to have a capital letter on each one of your words now I’m not gonna go through and do that because that will take me too much time but you require a capital letter at the beginning of each word and you also for tags you wanna once you’ve benefited all the firstly symbols of these statements you want to simulate those again and you want to glue them in there because and you want to click Add because you mostly demand your calls to have a capital letter on each parole now for the claim down here you are eligible to put your main keyword in thousands online and you want to give it a catchy word you know in two easy steps or whatever and then for your account you only want to pour you know something like in this video I’m going to show you how to thousands online you just want to include your keyword again and then once you’ve done all that right with all you’re gonna do is you’re gonna click publish now I’m not gonna clink publish because I don’t want to publish this because it’s just a demo but once you’ve published it and and you can also we can also preview it but once you’ve published it you’ll be able to view a page that just like looks like this and what you want to do is you want to grab the link that this engenders by publishing it you’ll find it in your search bar at the top and recollect how I established you ping way earlier well you just wanted to make the link to this and you want to go to ping raise and you want to ping this to let Google know that you only originated this new piece of content that your video is embedded on and that’s how my I am locate indicator wreaks it’s really easy really quickly you could literally do that in 30 seconds to two minutes I mean look at how quickly I was able to show you that and I was excusing and talking to you and trying to do this at the same time so obviously it took me a little longer than it typically would so I suggested that you check out my I am target benchmark if you’re interested in accelerating progress the course you develop backlinks and get video embeds you wanna save experience and you want to save money and you require your videos to rank on the first sheet of YouTube you can check it out by clicking the second link in my description carton below now there is one more thing I just wanted to share with you because you know perhaps you’re watching this video today and you’re interested in making a full time income online but you’re wondering what the best system is out there to achieve that well I want to tell you about my number one income earner right now see there was a time of my life where I was totally and utterly broke in fact I was so broke that I was forced to move into the dark dirty snot dark-green wall back bedroom of my friend’s house and you know this room was on the bad surface of municipality and overweight I used to look out the window and I neglected a repression and every single day every single hour of the day you can think of there would be drug dealers dropping off shady bundles to purchasers but you know at that time in my life even though financially and mentally I was in a bad place I determined a route to believe in war and I was determined that I was gonna change my life and it was about a similar occasion but I came across this damsel in the picture here who is currently my spouse now she actually would like to start as my mentor she was the first person who showed me how to make money on the internet we then became good friends and we then eventually started to date and got married and that is why I’m so passionate about mentorship and helping people because I’ve had parties help and mentor me along the way but on our journey over the last five plus times we’ve been holy enough to build a business that offer up to half a million dollars per year and we devoted approximately five years living in the Caribbean and this is a picture of it how they caught the tour we talked but regrettably you know even though living in the Caribbean was cool and stuff eventually the route went so red-hot and the Hurricanes got so close to hitting us that my wife broke out an ex Murr and we had to come back to her dwelling territory of Ohio where we actually bought a automobile for $30,000 in currency now this isn’t a Ferrari or a supercar or anything like that but we were blessed enough to be able to buy this outright in currency and not have those shitty monthly vehicle payments with the interest we were also able to put down a six-figure Psalm on our dream dwelling which is close to half a million dollars in quality and it sits on practically six acres now I’m not sharing this to brag or boast or anything like that I’m just sharing this to impress upon you what’s possible when you are ready for a change in your life and you have a system that performs making money online easy and if you’re interested if you need some lead you need some help and you want to earn a full time income online I hearten you to click the first relation in the description box below and check out my number one way of earning coin on the Internet well that’s it for today’s video my friend don’t forget to drop me a comment give me a thumbs up and destruction that subscriber and a notification buzzer that acces you’ll never miss out on any of my brand new money-making videos with that being said I’ll catch you in the next video remember you’re just a ten-minute email apart[ Music]

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